10 Most Popular Video Games to Play in 2019

The addiction of visual games doesn’t have an expiry date and one can’t get over the madness of online video games. Many of the graphic games in this century have so much of the effects that one get amazed and easily addicted to it. We have all heard about PUBG and the buzz and storm it has created in the society especially among youth. Here we are talking about few most popular video games to play in 2019 which you can try.

1.Apex Legends

Identical to PUBG, it is also a clash game where one chooses location; consist of jet packs, bullet storms that are unstoppable. One other major positive feature of this game that it allows players to overcome those within the force. You can fight if any of the game members is awake in the game. It has become very popular and free to play.


It is treats among the best space horror with some of the interesting features. Not only are the visual graphics of the game amazing, the sound experience and art direction is stunning as well. This game keeps you engaged and you will find the screen sparkling and gets hindered by unknown forces.

3.Fortnite Battle Royale

An action game developed by Epic games is also among one of the popular game of 2019. It gives the option of either playing solo or in group. It has around 5 million parallel players around the world. The graphics for this game is amazing and keep the users engaged during the game.

4.Resident Evil

It is a horror zone game with modern graphics and bloodshed levels. It will seem likely to the zombie’s world and is becoming popular nowadays. You can give it a try if you are fond of horror or bloody filled video games.


This game don’t require any introduction part and is the most trending and popular game of the era. A battle game published by PUBG Corporation allows many real time people to play in a squad to an isolated island. This game is based on the motive of diminishing the competition with the sources available including weapons, life jackets etc. It is a huge success as it enables its players to conspire with their mates and any person from the world can join the community to build the squad. Players can have conversation within the game and has excellent graphics along with complex game feature. It is already in trending and keeps on increasing in terms of popularity as well.


A multiplayer game with third person mended with shooter elements which make the player a preparatory freelance. The special features are suits which the freelancer wears and diversed battles.

7.Dead or Alive

This game has its roots from Japanese fighting charter with boosted graphics. Along with that, it has new mechanism plus fresh features included. This game is published by team Ninja and Koei Techmo from Japan.

8.World War Z

Based on the movie, World War Z has become a game with single and multiplayer options. In this game crowd of zombies keep jogging in action to some of the cities. This game is developed by Saber Interactive and published by Paramount Pictures.

9.Total War: Three Kingdoms

The game is based on the ancient China and a collection of battling opponents. The users are provided with the option of playing the game in romance tone or classic tone both each having different approaches.

10.The Sinking City

It is among the category of adventure-horror created by Frogwares. To increase the excitement and experience of users, the user will play a detective with name Charles who needs to discover the clues and avoid agitation to protect New England from flood. The user will keep engaged and need to work out on the situations occurring.

The games are made of stunning visuals and graphics that user feel so much connected to it and can’t resist playing it. As per the changing trends, the creators are more likely to build the games with different dimensions which not only improve the user’s experience but also give amazing view while playing.

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