5 Best Electric Cars to Buy in 2019

If you are considering making the switch to an electric car in 2019, some things you need to consider before getting started. You are saving your money and lowering the carbon footprint from your day routine. You simply need to plug-in your car instead of filling up at station. Moreover, it helps to reduce noise pollution. With this increasing demand, automakers have made serious progress with the development of electric cars. Like enhancement in performance of electric car, their range and features to make them enticing choice among people. But which car is the best having all the required features? Or which is the worth buying in the upcoming years?

There are some new breathtaking cars going to be released into the market which can blow your mind. Below are few of the best electric cars for 2019 purchase. Have a look!!

1.Audi e-tron

Price: $74,800

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron is an initiative of the car maker the roots of which were laid back in 2009 when its first concept was showcased during the International Motor Show in Germany. Mechanically, e-tron is energized with an electronic motor and combustion engine, both of which are capable of working individually or simultaneously with each other. This mean that models with e-tron badge can be driven according to the preference of owners. If a person wants to for short travel and within the city, then he/she can opt for electronic motor and with combination of both combustion and electronic motor while going for long trips. It can be said that this model is going to be the true friend of car enthusiasts who prefer to drive vehicles that apart from being enriched and equipped with luxurious features also offer reliable and superior performance in one unit. It the best illustration of holistic approach!!

2.Tesla Model 3

Price: $39,900

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is coming with Model 3 all electric cars for 2019. Though the number of deliveries of this model can’t be predicted and will depend on numerous factors. This pure electric car model can travel up to 220 miles on a single charge and its long range version delivers 325 miles. This model has minimalist dashboard with only a center mounted LCD touch screen. The design of this model will be like big cars- Audi, BMW 3 type’s vehicle that will offer everything from range to affordability and performance. This electric car model does not have or need a front grille. The base model of this car has 50- kWh for small range and 75-kWh for large miles. Majorly, these electric cars have versatility, equipment and performance levels which are quite impressive.  Also, this model has best acceleration in its class and it will be very cheap to charge quickly if use of Tesla’s supercharger network is made. One of the best EVs to buy!!

3.Hyundai Kona Electric

Price: $36,450

Hyundai Kona Electric

This is the electric version of Hyundai family’s plan and cogent too. This electric car is world’s first fully electric subcompact crossover SUV which rolled out gradually worldwide after 2018. The Kona Electric is powered by 201-horsepower motor with 291 pound-feet of torque, providing pep. It can offer 290 miles on a single charge and it is the battery electric version of Kona. This car is available in two battery versions: 39.2 kWh and 64 kWh. The Hyundai Kona body is made from 51% advanced high strength steel and its standard safety equipment includes six airbags, lane keeping assist and a driver attention monitor. What other features it has is automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alert. The customer will receive a specific amount of tax incentive which reduces its price. It is being assumed that the company can achieve a top 10 spot with this electric car in 2019!!

4.Nissan Leaf Plus

Price: $36,550

Nissan Leaf Plus

It is a compact 5 door hatchback electric car and now in its second generation. This electric car has received another face-lift and technical improvements which is firing the other ones in competition. It has 151 mile range on a full battery charge. The global sales of around 400,000 Leafs has already made it best electric car to buy in 2019. It also has better acceleration at highway speeds Nissan has developed its framework and running gear for the Mk2 version rather than opting for a clean sheet design. What’s new with this electric car is the electric drive system. The new electric motor produces 148bhp and 320 Nm of torque while the 40kWh lithium ion battery pack has improved. The driving experience of this car is more relaxing than exciting. It will not produce much wind noise due to low drag coefficient. This second generation is a step in the right direction.

5.Jaguar I-Pace

Price: $69,500

Jaguar I-Pace

         The Jaguar I-Pace is a battery electric crossover SUV and it is the first electric SUV from a premium European automaker which has already made its reorganization into its debut year. It is a five-seater sports car and has WLTP rated range of 292 miles and EPA rated range of 234 miles. Having depth of 500 mm, the rear boot holds a good amount of fuel along with front boot space. The electric car has all-wheel drive via two motors which is powered by 90 kWh lithium ion batteries. It has style, stamina and stunning appeal. It also has other special technologies including a suspension system to lower the ride height during the exceeding of speed. What other it offers is Bluetooth key fob switches the car to personal settings and it also has learning ability in radio stations and climate settings.  One of the best electric cars for 2019 to purchase!!

The list does not end here though, but all these above mentioned electric cars can be your best choice to buy, if you have such plans so. This mode of power is prospering wave of the future in automobile technology due to its features.

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