Adventures and US – What NOT to miss if you are in United States

Looking for adventurous things this year! Then book a flight to US without a miss and feel the most adventurous activities of the world out there. The US adventures will give you a great escape from your daily monotonous life and will take you to the great heights in the mountainside and deep depths below the ocean surface. For those who look for snowy peaks and alpine lakes must visit USA and live the life to the fullest there leaving behind all the works, worries and boring routines. There’s a lot of enjoyment and fun experiencing these adventures, so let us take you to the thrilling walk with a list of adventures in USA:

Flying an aerobatic plane
Get a sightseeing flight in Las Vegas on this aerobatic plane by heart racing the new heights. This adventurous sightseeing trip will blow you and give you the best feeling of flying in the air. It is more than thrilling to take a ride in Las Vegas with an eagle view of whole place. Your pilot will demonstrate each and every maneuver, before you try your own skills.

Flying an aerobatic plane

Caving Overnight
Go overnight caving and meet your inner cave man in McMinnville, Tennessee. There is much more to explore along with Cumberland Caverns with 32 miles of passages lying underground including remarkable rock formations, pools and waterfalls. It offers the place for camping, concerts and night stays too long with breakfast in the Volcano room.

Riding Wild
Riding bike in the mountain areas of Tahoe is another fun yet adventurous activity to do in America. The complete descent is 2000 feet beginning from down hills of Tahoe Rim Trail for several miles. On the way of your ride, you will experience rocks, steep roads, and outstanding view of California-Nevada-straddling Lake. The best thing is if you are not bringing your own bike, you will be provided by wheels, helmets and shuttles.

Jumping off
You must have a strong heart for experiencing this thrilling experience. This is the most extreme thrill one can experience in the Idaho. Perrine Bridge situated nearly 500 feet above the Snake River is best known for this activity. This adventurous activity doesnot require any permit but just the courage one have to pour while performing this dare.

Jumping off

Climbing up
Those who love climbing mountains can go for best climbing destinations in USA. One of the most loved and renowned rock climbing destinations is Yosemite National Park. You no need to be a perfect in climbing for performing this rather mountaineering school will provide you with the tips and tricks, as well as climbing lessons to make your way smooth and remarkable. They will also provide you the necessary equipment and goodies.

Go rafting
Experience the adventure of whitewater rafting in the waters framed with purple streaked peaks and mossy rocks. White water rafting is quite thrilling and warm-weather sport here in Colorado. The place has 30 different areas to go river rafting with the rivers for all levels of experience and courage. Rafting here is meant for all age groups including families and kids.

Go rafting

Surfing in Hawaii
If you want to feel the pleasure of surfing and riding the waves, there is no other place than Hawaii. Surfing began as a royal sport known to be the “sport of Kings” in Hawaii when ancient royalty used to show their skills in beaches and other surf spots.

Other than these, there are numerous other activities like experiencing zero activity, longest zip line, sky diving, waterfall rappelling and heli-ski. So if you want to experience the real adventure, you must not miss this and you need not go anywhere else to make the best of your trip.

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