Apple Killing Lightning Ports- What Would be the Replacement?

Are you freaking crazy about every know and how related to iPhones?? With a brand new feature in apple’s every iPhone that leaves the people spell bound make them more curious to know about each upcoming model’s configurations. With an aim to make iPhones completely wireless, now the brand is going to remove lightning port from the upcoming models and will deploy charging through USB-c ports or through air power wireless chargers.

So, apple’s upcoming iPhones will be the beginning of the end of the lightning charging port at the bottom of your phone. According to a report, Apple is planning to ditch all the external ports and buttons from its phones. The story begins in 2016, with the ousting of the headphones jack that stimulates the technology of dongles and airpods. But, what would be the impact on users if brand kills the lightning port??

Is It Possible Without Apple’s AirPower Charger?

With the wireless charging facility in the iPhones, the need of apple’s airpower chargers is emerged because the only way to fuel up these chargers will be these wireless chargers only. Apple announced its airpower charger along with the iPhone X but its development is proven too difficult. The AirPower Charger would have the capacity to charge an iPhone, a pair of airpods and an apple watch together at the same time. But combining all these in a thin sheet needs a great tech that might be too complicated.

Is It Feasible To Incorporate Completely Wireless I-Phones?

Apple may be working towards it new model which will be devoid of all the ports and the buttons on the phone. However, there are some obstacles that need to be covered up by Apple before a launch like this. As apple phones were highly dependent on the lightning cable for various purposes like charging, file transfer and all sorts of accessories. So the wireless features may not give that much speed as the traditional wires gives. However, wireless chargers with iPhones will too increase the cost of the smart phones to a greater extent.

Long Live USB-C

Thanks to the rumors and leaks that starts informing people about the new apple releases before they hit the shelves. Recently, Apple is testing iPhones with USB-C charging ports in a way to devoid of lightning charging ports.

USB-C is a charging and data transferring tech that has been introduced and incorporated years ago and almost all the smart phones are using this outside the iPhone world. But now apple is too planning to include USB-C charging facility to their smart phones. Most of the new android handsets charge via USB-C is just like various premium laptops of last year or so. However, audio products have been a bit slow to adopt this due to cost issues, but that is too changing soon.

USB-C on smart phones proves to be more reliable that can deliver more data, more power, and more efficiency than earlier USB lightning ports. So, the apple is going to make a switch to USB-C on its upcoming gadgets in recent years.

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