Best Auto Insurance Companies

The need of an insurance company which suits your lifestyle and meets their service requirements is a preferable choice for everyone. However finding the right company to provide your auto insurance needs can be tricky!

When you are getting ready to take an auto insurance policy for your vehicle, there are some factors that you should consider for obtaining the best deal. Although there are many insurance companies available in the market, but most of them are not able to provide good service to their customers. So you should be smart enough to grab the best deal!

Then how to choose the best one?

 Firstly, the trust between you and the coverage company must be established clearly to avoid future setbacks and confusion in policies. Take into consideration their customer service, claims, their affordable prices and their credentials too.  Next, the company should have a good ranking as well as reputation in the market. The best auto insurance company is the one that ensures the complete satisfaction of customer with the car insurance quote and auto insurance policy.

It is easier to make a decision when you can get car insurance comparison quotes from best auto insurance companies!

If you get a quote from one company, you may be able to get another one to beat that price. This means you will be able to compare car insurance rates and choose which suits you best.

There are numerous auto insurance companies globally and navigation in such a mass of companies might be acutely hard. Also keep in mind that you should look only for the best car insurance with the fair price. Going for low cost insurance might turn out to be calamitous!

List of Best Auto Insurance Companies


USSA is the best auto insurance company! It offers a wide range of insurance products and also has high rating in customer satisfaction surveys. The car insurance rates of this company are lowest as compared to others. Why people like it – great customer service, ease of filing claim, regular updates on claim status.

Drawback –
The insurance products of USSA are only open to veterans, military members and their immediate families. A normal person will not be able to work with this top-ranked insurance company.


Travelers is the most abiding and popular insurance company! It comes among the nation’s largest auto insurance policy providers. It offers additional auto insurance options like gap insurance, ridesharing insurance, intellidrive, premium new car replacement etc. Why people like it – great customer service, resolving strategy to customer’s claims.

Drawback – Customers who didn’t get good value has ranked the company a low value. Also the average annual auto insurance rates of company is high than average as compared to others.

3.State Farm

State Farm is one of the largest auto insurers! It offers a wide range of insurance products and offers auto coverage option including rental car & travel expenses coverage, drive safe & save, the steer clear driver program, rideshare insurance. Why people like it – ease of filing claim, great value delivery. The company offers car insurance packages with cheapest insurance rates as compared to others.

Drawback – The Company does not offer many opportunities for discount and people have to consider economic suggestions of the company rates. Moreover, people won’t be able to choose live chat sessions to communicate.


Geico is known for cheap insurance rates for online users! It can be your best choice if you are in search of economical car insurance policy. Geico offers mechanical breakdown coverage, emergency roadside assistance, auto repair express and ridesharing insurance. Why people like it – great customer service, ease of filing claim.  The rates are lower than other auto insurance companies.

Drawback – It offers multi-policy discount on your auto insurance and it may be hard to find out a local agent to deal because it focus on internet and phone service.


Farmers also is a good star rater among best car insurance companies! What Farmers offers is new car replacement, accident forgiveness, loss of use, customized equipment coverage, OEM coverage and rideshare insurance coverage choices. Why people like it – great customer service, ease of filing claim & resolving strategy of claims.  

Drawback – The average auto insurance rates are higher than other auto insurance companies.


Best fit for bundle insurance products preference! Nationwide much type of insurance and the insurance company offers smartride, vanishingdeductible, on your side review, accident forgiveness options and perks. Why people like it – great customer service & resolving strategy of claims.  

Drawbacks – The rates of nationwide are roughly average. Also a person can’t submit claim information through the mobile app of company.


It is the best known car insurance company! Progressive offers the customary auto insurance choices to people with many additional options. Some of them are roadside assistance, gap insurance, custom parts & equipment value, pet injury protection, deductible savings bank, snapshot & rideshare insurance. Why people like it – ease of submitting claims.

Drawbacks – The customers are not satisfied with the service, communication, claim resolution and value provided by the company.


Known for its variety of financial services! Allstate has wide range of products & many local agents for the consumers. It offers the basic auto coverage options with some optional features like accident forgiveness, safe driving bonus, deductible rewards, new car replacement & roadside assistance in 3 options.

Drawbacks – Their offered value don’t satisfy customers and it also doesn’t show up the online quoting system to know about the affect of discount provided.

9.American Family

Offers wide selection of insurance products! If you like the convenience of building policies, this may be the right choice for you. The additional coverage options which American family offers is gap insurance, accidental death and autopsy, ridesharing insurance. Additionally, people find it easy to file a claim with this insurance company.

Drawbacks – Where it lacks is the poor customer service, communication about claim status, value and resolution of claims.

Hope the above list helps you in choosing the best auto insurance company! Make sure you compare the car insurance comparison quotes before committing to any service.

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