‘Celebrity Big Brother 2019’ : Meet The Contestants

The US version of Celebrity Big Brother premieres season 2, with a completely new batch of celebrity contestants hoping to be winners. This season’s CBB winner will take home $250, 000, but they might have to make it through all the strategizing back door deals, evictions, puzzles, and physiological competitions. Every one of the contestants is recognizable faces from athletes to Television personalities, to singers, to notable faces in Western history. Get acquainted with each one of the cast members below, along with a few small spoilers on what to expect. Anthony Scaramucci. Last season, Omarosa was the political man at the CBB house and this season, it is

Celebrity Big Brother – Anthony Scaramucci

Scaramucci is 55 years old and some might know him as a former White House communications director and a financier. He hails from Manhasset, NY And has made his way to the Big Brother competition. Lately, Scaramucci’s spouse, Deidre Ball, dished a little on what her husband’s approach can be on the show. According to People, Ball stated, known to blab, but I think he will try to reign, and that I do not think that he would like to ruffle anymore feathers in White House than he is already has.

Celebrity Big Brother- Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan has been in the press for her daughter, Lindsay Lohan, who lately came out with her very own new reality show by Lindsay Lohan Beach Club. 
Her past with her ex husband, Michael, along with her financial situation has also been set on blast for the general public, over the years. Lohan is 56 years old and she’s a momager. In front of being on Celebrity Big Brother, Lohan said that her little girl, Lindsay, had some guidance for her. Lohan told Entertainment Weekly that she composed a record of things for me to do. It is almost like she was getting excited for me to really do this. She said, basically, listen. You know, slow and steady wins the race, and the silence is gold at times. , Lohan said that Lindsay helped her pack for her stay in Big Brother’s house.

Celebrity Big Brother- Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence made a name for himself on the Television situation comedy Blossom, with his iconic Whoa! , through the years, Lawrence has continued his acting career, but hasn’t always been fortunate with regards to his finances. However, he certainly has been blessed in looks. Lawrence is now a manufacturer, as well as an actor, residing in LA, and more beautiful than ever before at age 42. Lately, Lawrence revealed that he is not really that comfortable with Big Brother, unlike others who could be large fans. Could this imply that Lawrence will not be going far in the competition?

Celebrity Big Brother- Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett became well-known as heartthrob Aaron Samuels from the film Mean Girls, opposite Lindsay Lohan. He’s also very friendly with Lohan, which suggests he could pal up with his mother, Dina, from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Bennett, who’s an actor, is also the host of the reality show Cake Wars. Bennett is 37 years of age and dwells in Newport Beach, California.

Celebrity Big Brother- Kandi Burruss

Bravo fans probably see Kandi Burruss on Real Housewives of Atlanta each week, as she carries on to build her ever growing empire and feud with a few of her fellow cast members. But, before Burruss became a beloved Television character, she was an award winning singer and music producer as well. Burruss, 42, is now a competitor for CBB. Kato Kaelin. For all those acquainted with the entire world famous OJ Simpson trial in the twentieth century, they might recognize witness Kato Kaelin. Actor and presenter Kayleen is 59 today and he hails from Los Angeles.

 Celebrity Big Brother- Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones is a Olympic track and bobsled athlete, who hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She’s 36 years old and this isn’t her first time appearing on a reality show contest. She participated in The Challenge on MTV, along with some other athletes, celebrities, and veteran competitors. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and get into hot moments with others, in order that might make for an interesting season.

Celebrity Big Brother- Eva Marie

Natalie Eva Marie is a former WWE wrestler and Total Divas star, known for her brilliant reddish hair, however it looks like she might have changed from red to purple. On Total Divas, Marie sometimes clashed with her co stars and she was always attempting to further her career. Additionally to wrestling, Marie is also an actress and she’s from North Tustin, California.

 Celebrity Big Brother- Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams is 41 years old and he’s a former National Football League running back, who hails from Venice Beach. When Williams was in the game, Romper reported in the year 2006, Williams was suspended for violating the substance abuse coverage. , This did not stop Williams’s soccer career and he later was able to return to playing. Before the CBB premiere, Williams talked with ET Canada and confessed, I am not so familiar with Big Brother, but I am the type of person that just likes to leap into experiences.  

Celebrity Big Brother- Ryan Lochte

 Ryan Lochte is 34 years of age and hails from Gainesville, Florida. He’s an aggressive swimmer and a 12 time Olympic medallist. Lochte is also anticipating his first kid with his wife. Lochte formerly appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars as the celebrity contestant opposite pro dancer Cheryl Burke. At a coincidence, Burke is fellow Celebrity Big Brother cast member Joey Lawrence’s soon-to-be sister-in law. Burke is employed in Lawrence’s brother, Matthew. Maybe Lochte and Lawrence could bond over this association.

 Celebrity Big Brother- Tamar Braxton

 Tamar Braxton is a 41 year-old TV personality, who’s known as a talk show host, and a reality TV star. With regards to whether Braxton thinks she’ll win the competition this season, she told Entertainment Weekly, I do not wish to put that kind of pressure on me and say I am going to win Big Brother. I really seem like I am going to come in around twenty or second or something.

Celebrity Big Brother- Tom Green

Comedian Tom Green is a member of the Celebrity Big Brother cast and he told Entertainment Weekly that people probably think he’s just on the show to goof off, but he plans on taking the competition very seriously.

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