Effective Tips for Face Make-Up Remover

Most of the women consider makeup a daily routine. If you know how to apply the makeup products like lipstick, shadow, foundation, then removing it at the end of the day is equally imperative to keep skin healthy & clean. Any kind of neglection in makeup removal process will clearly make your skin endure. During night, when our body is in deep sleep, the metabolic activities become the most intense. As a result, the residual traces of makeup or facial dirt stays to rattle the metabolism and unleash devastation with your skin. This is the main reason of proper makeup removal suggestion before going to bed is considered.


There are 2 types of makeup – oily and non-oily. Some non-cleansing products like Lipstick, moisture cream, nail polish, as well as baby oil can be used for removing makeup. By all means, you can use an enough amount of makeup vanish product as small amount will not cause any pain in the skin and will also blow the purpose of effective removal of the makeup traces. Makeup can be removed through various products which somehow not affect the skin in a much bad way. There are various effective tips and products recommended for face makeup removal depending on skin type.

What to consider?

As we all know eyes are the delicate part of body so pay scrutiny to the eye area and some of the other areas. To remove lipstick, use a cotton pad is prudent. The first and foremost thing for cleansing is clean and fresh water which not only cleans your pores but also provides hydration to the face skin.

  • Crystal lip balm can be used to remove the eye shadow and lipstick. The moisturized level of crystal lip balm can remove the attached makeup on your face completely. What you just need to do is to dip the crystal lip balm with a cotton swab, and gently clean the eye shadow or lip. This is an efficient method to remove makeup and do not damage the fragile skin of eyes & lips.

  • We can use baby oil to remove the body painting. Girls are very keen nowadays for the paintings on different parts of body including face which though looks tempting and eye-catching. But these paint materials are difficult to remove or clean them thoroughly through traditional makeup removers. You can try in this way – first wipe the painted skin with a wet towel and then use the baby oil to remove the painting. This can help to remove the makeup of your face.

  • In addition to this, moisture cream can be used to remove the heavy lashes makeup. Curly lashes have become very common in women which give them a splendid look. But removing them later on is such a complex task. Women who like to wear heavy makeup with curly lashes always brush their lashes again & again every time. This makes the lashes fixed and dense and when you try to give your time in its removal, it brings with many troubles due to the stiffness of lashes. An effective way to accomplish this is to dip a little moisture cream and apply it to lashes which return them into soft situation. 

  • For the other parts like forehead, cheeks, tip of nose, chin, neck, apply circular strokes with fingers. By the time the makeup traces and facial dirt becomes totally fuse with this product, wipe clean using a facial tissue or simply rinse well with clean water.

  • We can use cotton bud moisturized with makeup vanish product to help in removing residue traces of eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara as well. Due to high temperature all around in region, our facial skin secrets much oil causing ugly patches on the skin of many of us.

Removal of makeup is a crucial thing to do before going to bed at night. The clean and healthy skin prevents acne to occur and thus helps in acne treatment. As we all have different skin types, so different cleansers are available to avoid clogged pores. One who has oily skin must remove makeup as the excess oil will block the pores inside the skin. Unlike oily skin, sensitive skin needs a cleanser which does not harm the skin in any way and one with sensitive skin should choose the product carefully.

Mistakes during removal

  • Do not use the products that are very much harsh to your skin. Or any product that leaves an oil film behind. This clarifies that the product is not accurate for your skin and can cause damage to your skin in future. Beware of these kinds of products. If you are prone to blots, pick one that contains salicylic acid or acne fighting ingredients. For dry face, try the one that scrub the dead cells that clear the pores and provides extra moisturize.

  • Excessive scrubbing can leads to skin damage or irritation, so don’t be so harsh to your skin. You can use the convenient wipes including natural ingredients green tea, cucumber extract, aloe which does not require rinsing.

  • Eye makeup is generally dogmatic and the skin around eyes is much delicate which should not be landed to any of the soap. Some cleansers may ever inflame the eyeball itself. So choose products carefully which are particular designed for eye makeup removal.

  • If you are not comfortable to giving try to different available products, go for home remedies which are equally effective. Vaseline and baby oil both can remove eye makeup, but take care as it leaves on oil film behind. Similarly, baking soda can be used to take off stage makeup and dark lipstick. Applying a small amount of olive oil will remove makeup and condition lashes.

The choice is yours, either you want home treatment or want to try available products but make sure that habit of makeup removal should be in list for a healthy glowing skin. Try to go for the best products available so that you don’t have to struggle much with the removal.

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