Effective Tips for Pregnant Women in Winters

If you are mamma-to-be then you should be sure to go through various changes which could be physiological, emotional and intellectual. As this stage lasts for nine months you should be prepared for some climatic changes also. In contrast to summers, winters are more challenging as extra care needs to be taken for the developing child and the mother as well. As the chilling winds make the mother more susceptible to pains, aches, cold and cough infections.  Here are some of the healthy tips which ensure safe pregnancy:

Nutritious Diet
In winters, it is advisable to include various fruits, vegetables,whole grains and low calorie foods in your diet to supply your body with vitamins and minerals. But better consult your doctor if you are having any allergies from any one of them. Nowadays most of the fruits and vegetables are available whole of the year so it would not be a problem to go for the ones you like to feed yourself and your baby with nutrition and will keep you hydrated. Include saffron in your diet as little bit saffron with milk keeps you warm and healthy.

Physical Exercise Cum Yoga
During pregnancy, body undergoes immense changes hence a pregnant lady should impart half an hour a day doing light exercise to enhance the patience level which ultimately increases mental strength, making the body more active. Don’t forget that you are responsible for your baby too so Yoga is the best practice as it is known to be beneficial for strengthening immune system and keeping your body warm and away from cold and flu.

Protection from Germs
Since pregnant women can be more vulnerableand sensitive hence it could be easily trapped by virus, bacteria all around. Exposing your body to extreme weather conditions and germs can be somewhat harmful for both mother and baby. So extra care must be taken to keep the body free from infections for this always remembers to wash hands after handling public things and avoid touching mouth and nose again and again. Proper hygiene should also be maintained so that virus and bacteria could not get a chance to spread.

Appropriate Clothes
Just because it’s winters don’t wrap yourself in thick heavy clothes and don’t go for the costly coats which will be of no use after pregnancy.  Lots and lots of layers will be the best option provided you feel comfortable as nothing should be too tight that makes you feel nauseous. Also make sure you wear soft socks and gloves if necessary.

Drink Huge Amount of Water
In summers, we usually drink plenty of water but in winters we just forget or avoid drinking water. But it’s necessary to drink huge amount of water in winters also to keep the body hydrated. As drinking plenty of water will prevent the pregnant women from various problems ranging from lightheadedness to preterm labor. A water bottle at your side desk and various apps are there which will act as a reminder for you for drinking water. Moreover Vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits can also be the alternative for balancing water in the body.

Humidifier and Moisturizer
Since air in winter is very dry which can make the body dehydrated or can also lead to various skin related problems. The breath in air is so dry that it can affect the nostrils and can cause nose bleeding and various respiratory diseases like dry coughing, asthma. Skin becomes so itchy and scratchy; it is advisable to pregnant women that unscented and hypoallergenic moisturizers should be used daily in winters.

To become a mother is a boon and a very pleasurable feeling for women. It’s in the hands of pregnant women to cherish this god gifted time period. Extra care should be taken during this stage in order to avoid any complications in future. Though pregnancy is a bit difficult stage, these tips will help you survive through the cold weather pregnancy. So, stay healthy and preserve the precious blessing of god as many are devoid of this happiness.

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