Effective Tips To Reduce Stress During Exams

Every student experiences exam stress, the idea of achieving good marks makes the conditions stressful that no student can escape from it. Being an unavoidable part of student’s life, it’s very difficult to combat stress during the exam days, most of the bright students even cause silly mistakes in exams or they did not achieve higher just because of the stress. Due to over thinking and pressure of exams students start behaving weird during these days resulting in their own loss. Stress do exists for a reason, it is in your hands to let it be your downfall or use it as a driving force to improve your results.
To get rid of exam stress, you first need to draw out the possible reasons that are responsible for heightened anxiety. Then you can find out the ways to combat the pressures you feel. Here are some effective ways to reduce stress and concentrate on your learning goals.

Be a pro at Time Management
Well begun is half done. The fact that when you begin everything in an appropriate manner it is almost half done makes you more productive. An initial effort of creating a well-planned time table will definitely lead you towards better results. If you divide your time for every subject, you can become more productive and motivated each day. Make sure you add breaks and leisure times too to get the best out of you. You can either do it by yourself or use various apps to do the same.

Cut Out Distractions
Be free from all kind of social media like facebook, twitter, instagram etc that hugely distracts you while you are working. Completely avoiding social media even just for few hours can improve concentration and focus o do your work properly. It greatly distracts you and makes you stressful when you look photographs of your friends enjoying while you are studying under the four walls of your home.

Take Some Breaks
Set your study time table accordingly that it includes a 10-15 minute break after every two hours of study. Studies suggest that taking breaks in between lowers the stress levels and increases your stamina and concentration to produce more effective results. Better find a cleaner, greener space to move around in your study break to feel less anxious and more clear-headed.

Sleep Well
Most of the students feel deprived of sleeping during exams hence they cannot produce much better results. While sleeping you will feel more relaxed, switch off all the electronic gadgets half an hour before sleeping. Waking after a proper sleep will make you more energetic and you will be able to produce much better results. Studies also suggest that napping in between your study hours can bring more productive results. So take a 20 minutes nap in between whenever you feel the need.

Eat Right
Certain foods are proved to be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. While you are feeling overwhelmed with your study notes, eating high sugar or caffeine will only raise you stress. Make sure to put healthy foods in your body while you are studying which will aid you feel relaxed and enhances your brain power. You can go for chocolates, pistachio nuts and blue berries. But don’t go for eating too much as it causes lethargy, so eat in moderation to avoid going off the beat.

There is an utmost need of giving some space to your mind to increase concentration and break stress. Sitting at a calm place and concentrating only on your thoughts will give you a vision to think from different perspectives. Practicing meditation will definitely enhance your focus while improving physical as well as mental well being.

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