10 Free Google Tools for Marketers to Grow Any Business

Google, as we all know is a powerful search engine and is very popular too. Besides this, Google also offers some of the free tools for marketers to grow their business.  Google offers every service related from website ranking, user experience, conversion rate improvement, brand reputation and more for free. These tools have given business marketers a scope to grow their business online.

Here are some of the free tools provided by Google:

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics

It is one of the most dominant and effective tool provided by Google. If you want to know about the site visitors, bounce rate or how much time users are spending on your site, Google Analytics provide you every detail. It is mainly used to monitor the traffic on any website, about the audience, their location and language too.

It is a free analyzing tool by Google and will let you know about the engagement of users on your site, their interaction with plug-ins, which keywords are most in searches, conversion rates and many more.

2.Google Adwords

Google Adwords

The results of the organic technique is definitely slow, so if you are not getting the desired results and want to give a jump to the organic efforts, try for Google Adwords. It allows user to create a paid search campaign by targeting the right keywords. With this you can quickly gain the traffic for website and the conversions will meet or exceed the value you are paying for the ads.

Take care of the location, budget and every other strategy for the target audience and it will provide you quick results which last longer.

3.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Before indulging into SEO process, the first and important thing to consider is keyword research. You should know which keyword has high search volume and which would be most compatible to your brand or website.  Google Adword Keyword planner is a great tool for exploring the right keywords to target and will provide you keyword ideas for paid campaign (Adwords) as well as organic techniques.

4.Google Trends

Google Trends

Similar to keyword planner, Google Trends will also help to make a smart keyword choice. It offers a range of information like popularity of terms, comparing the keywords and deciding between the similar ones, getting new keyword suggestions and many more. It also helps in comparing the traffic for multiple domains and identifying topics, news or content.

5.Google Webmaster

Another important Google tool which alert you about the areas which needs changes to increase the ranking. It basically does a site check up so that your site will be free from malware before gets presented to Google bots. It will also do audit of site configuration, health of site, its traffic and site optimization. It basically warns you about the issues that can escape your site from getting crawled.

6.Google Business Page

Setting up a business page will help users to get the required details about your brand. Along with other important sections, take out time to pay attention in filling the details like brand name, URL, introduction, and some of the other information which can be crawled by spiders. It’s a kind of business listing of your brand on Google to represent it globally.

7.Google Drive

It is a free online storage tool by Google where you can share the files online. It offers users the space of around 15 GB free storage in a cloud for images, videos, documents kind of files. You can share heavy attachments of files and folders with others.

8.Google Alerts

This tool of Google enables you to keep an eye on your competitors. You need to setup the Google Alerts if you want to keep on the top of news, brand reputation and media features. If you setup some Google Alerts for your brand name or keywords, system will keep alerting you whenever those terms are mentioned online.

9.Google Ad sense

Google Ad sense

With Google Adsense tool, you can earn extra income from a website which gets a moderate amount of traffic. You can place some ad code in the header, content and sidebar of the website, you can earn income. Moreover the amount you can earn will completely depend on the topic of website and the amount of visitors it will receive

10.Google Calendar

This tool will let you create a content calendar to plan your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly content. It is an easy method to organize your day, meetings and setting up schedules which you can easily share with others. You can also invite editors and add easy notes for better and easy communication. Google Calendar also rearranges the content with just drag and drop of events and the changes get automatically saved on all shared versions. This tool also helps in organizing blogs and other marketing content which you want to share with content contributors in either internal or external way.

There are many more tools which Google has created to grow business, but these are some of the most popular one which is used by marketers for their business growth.

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