Have an Awesome Boss? Thank Them with These Gifts

Not everyone is lucky to have a friendly and understanding boss. If you are among the fortunate ones, you need to thank your boss! A good boss can often turn into a confidant, mentor, inspiration, and on rare occasions, your best friend for life! In case you are just formal with them and don’t share a great bond, holidays are a time to surprise them with a present. Be it a wedding anniversary bouquet or a dainty pen holder, there is a wide range of gifts to pick from. All you have to do is make sure they are comfortable receiving gifts from the employees.

The gift must reflect the relationship you have with your boss. If you share a close bond with your supervisor, you would already know their likes. However, if you are stuck with a terrifyingly strict head, it’s best to stick with generic options. Don’t try to get overfriendly with the gift because you might end up buying something they don’t even like. Keep it simple like a sophisticated pen set or a leather folder. You can even buy flowers online for them. Turn it down a notch as there are other employees too who would turn up with gifts on the holiday or the boss’s birthday. Here are some cool options you can go for:

  • Laptop Sleeve
    Carrying heavy laptops in the office bag can get inconvenient. Moreover, most of the bags don’t come with a thick layer and hence, the laptops are not safe from shocks, water spillage, etc. A sexy laptop sleeve would take off the burden from your boss’ shoulder and since these come with cushioned insides, it provides shock resistant support for the laptop. They can even use the little pockets for USB cables, pen drives, chargers, etc.

  • Tea Samplers
    Your supervisor’s desk is in for an upgrade with this gifting idea. A vintage chest loaded with the best tea samples would be an awesome addition to their cabin. It not only looks fancy but also gives your boss a chance to try a variety of tea flavors. From dragonfruit, peach, jasmine, and cinnamon to the classic Earl Grey and Darjeeling chai, you will get a lot of options. These boxes are easily available and you can pick the one with the most interesting flavors.

  •  Flowers
    When you are not sure what to buy, stick to flowers. They are the safest gifting option and are perfect for all sorts of relationships and occasions. You can either pick a bunch of beautiful flowers or order flowers online in delhi. If you know their favorites in flowers, try curating the bouquet according to that. They would be pleasantly surprised by this little effort.
  • Glass/Metal Flask
    Everyone needs a boost of caffeine while at work. If your boss is an avid coffee lover, they would cherish this present. To give it a personal touch, you can get it customized with their initials or name embossed on the flask. We all hate to get up from our chair now and then to get our coffee cups refilled. This would just make their day a lot easier. 

  •  Card Case
    Having a well-designed business card is not enough to leave a lasting impression. All the professionals would agree that a card case is equally important but is often not given enough credit. A sexy stainless steel and leather card case is all that your boss needs for storing their business cards. As these cases are very spacious, your boss can even use them for holding their credit cards, a little cash and other business cards as well.

  •  Notebooks/Notepads
    If your boss loves scribbling and doodling or is just a list fanatic, they would love this. While notepads are great for jotting down stuff in a hurry, notebooks are amazing for people who love to journal. Moreover, it would also bring out the creative side of your boss and they might start writing poems! If they are already a writer, it would give them just another place to write their heart out. Don’t forget to buy some birthday roses to go well with the notebook and slip in a note of gratitude.

These were some amazing gift ideas for your boss. Be it birthdays, promotions, new baby, wedding or just a special day for the company, these gifts are ideal for all occasions. To top it all, adding flowers as a side gift is always great. People are going gaga over online flower delivery in mumbai and rightfully so. Such services offer a great variety and are very convenient. Whatever you buy, make sure it brings a smile on your boss’ face and make their day better.

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