How Global Warming is Affecting our Lives

We all are familiar with the matter that our climate is changing with very fast agility. Our planet is heating from the north to south end and the coming generation will have to face warmness. According to researches, there is a huge difference in the increase in temperature from the past years. But the fact is that we are already penetrating the effects of climate change for every single minute. We all are aware that the temperatures are increasing and the reason as well.

 Difference between climate change & global warming

It is a myth that climate change & global warming are the same but scientist uses the former to explain the weather complications like sea level rise, shifting of wildlife and biosphere. Global warming is causing deadly effects not only on our community but also on our health. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gas pollution which humans are keeping on adding to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels in order to make their lives better.

Effects of global warming

  • Rise of sea levelDue to high temperatures, the ice of glaciers & caps is melting globally which in the result is increasing the sea and ocean levels with a rapid speed. All this is increasing the flooding threats in low-lying islands and coastal cities.

  • Wildlife – As the wildfires are increasing with a high rise in temperature, it is causing an immense effect on their habitat. The disappearing ice in some of the regions has almost ended the life of wild habitat.

  • Hot days – The days are becoming more and hotter due to global warming and scientists have claimed that the heat waves will be more frequent in the coming years. These harsh hot waves can lead to several health issues like heat stroke etc.

  • More frequent weather events – Natural disasters like cyclones, floods, and hurricanes have become more frequent in some of the past years as a result of global warming.

  • Species – Like the change of temperature, many of the species are migrating to other cooler areas disturbing the current habitat of animals.

  • Warming of oceans – All of the extra heat has been engrossed by oceans which have made them warm & acidic. The marine life has been in threat due to this toxic consolidation.

  • Variation in climate – Some regions are experiencing drought while some are having heavy rain or snowfall causing the residents & species living concerns.

  •  Food & Farming – Due to the change of rainfall, increase in drought, heat waves & flooding, it has become difficult for farmers to grow and produce crops on the land.

How it is affecting our lives

  • Human keeps on adding toxic material into the atmosphere and has made the air impure to breathe in. The fuel ejections into the air have caused respiratory diseases like asthma in almost every individual.  The death rate by air pollution is around 7 million according to health reports. Apart from this, the release of carbon into the atmosphere leads to heart and mind diseases  i.e. heart strokes, anxiety, stress, etc.

  • The global warming effect has not spared food consumption as well. The release of carbon in the air is changing the content of fruits and vegetables and makes them less nutritious. It is said that if we didn’t take any step for the carbon emissions, the food we eat will become more toxic and no more beneficial.

  • The one major concern of global warming is the forest deaths that are taking place in many areas due to fires, excessive heat & droughts. If we need to live on this planet, we need trees/plants for survival and without them; we will not be alive for a long period of time. Also, a decrease in trees will lead to floods to an extreme level resulting in the destruction of the planet.

  • As water is undoubtedly our most basic need, but some of the areas still do not get enough supply. Due to excessive temperature rise, dry conditions have come up and have increased the pressure on groundwater supplies to meet the demand of people. We need to save water as global warming will increase the case of droughts and it will not be available in the future.

  • The season cycle has also been affected by global warming. Unlike the previous time, there is an irregularity in the climate. For instance, the spring season now arrives earlier, crops and soils get dry out earlier following to damaging the wildfire.

    The scientists are very much aware that the climate of the earth has been changed and is doing worse at present. Global warming has already started ruining the earth and the future is dreadful to imagine. So this is now our responsibility to reduce global warming for the present as well as the future. We need to control the ejections of carbon in the atmosphere and ensure to take the back-up of resources that will be required in the future after climate change. Try to build up a healthy, safe & viable future.

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