How Skipping Breakfast Affects Your Body?

To skip or not to skip breakfast is always the talk of the town! Does your mum still rush behind you with those plates of breakfast in her hand for what you mostly deny for?? But have you ever wandered that is it perfectly perfect to skip breakfast or just makes you lack something leading to a great loss!! Because waking up early, getting ready and then saving some time to take breakfast earlier before going to college or work is literally a strenuous task. However, breakfast is the most prominent meal of the day; however it is the toughest out of the lot. Isn’t it? So what you think, Is it right to have breakfast or wrong? For your shock, both camps make the compelling arguments as for and against the topic. As skipping one could not give you all the negative effects on your body as there are many positive effects too. Let’s discuss how.

We move forward with the negative effects first:

Increase In The Risk Of Being Obese

Skipping breakfast on regular basis will make you four times more obese than people who are stick to a regular breakfast diet. It is likely because once you skip breakfast, your cravings for more food and ugar increases that make you eat more and most probably at irregular time intervals leading to an irregularity in the digestive system as well as body structure.

Biggest Reason For Bad Breath

When you skip breakfast, your halitosis start becoming more worse and it becomes the biggest problem you face. But why so? Because there’s nothing to neutralize that morning odor which everyone abound after wake up when you don’t eat something in the breakfast.

Effects Your Monthly Cycle

For females, who are not eating anything in the morning everyday lead to an irregularity in their menstrual cycles along with more painful and irregular bleeding according to a study. Go girls, make it a habit to take breakfast every day, without making a miss to prevent your periods miss!

Leads To Headache And Dizziness

The biggest problem people especially students and working guys face is the problem of headache and dizziness. When you haven’t eaten in a while, your body lack glucose that leads to the decrease in the functioning of the brain cells, which is why, you start experiencing headache and dizziness and makes you feel low. This is actually the way of your body asking you to fuel it.

Among all these skipping a meal in the morning offers some benefits too. Here’s the list:

Entered Ketogenic State

Ketosis is the process when your body starts on burning stored fat from your body when you do not fuel it for long. So, by skipping breakfast, you just encourage your body to enter into a safe ketogenic stage, which stimulates the body’s natural fat burning state for energy.

Growth of Good Bacteria

As part of intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast boosts the mucus levels leading to the growth of good bacteria while eliminating the bad ones. Moreover, it drives up the production of human growth hormone, which is responsible for burning fat and improving muscle mass as it utilizes body fat as fuel instead of sugar.

Move Towards Anti-Ageing Process

One benefit that skipping morning meal causes to your body is anti-ageing. It happens as a result of improvement in a process called autophagy, which is the removal of cellular junk from your body and is a form of detoxification. It might be considered as house cleaning as it autophagy clears out cancerous growths, metabolic dysfunctions making our bodies more efficient. So along with exercise, keep fasts that accelerate autophagy, which clears the debris from our body.

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