How to Get Google Adsense Approval for New Website

As everybody wants to make money online, so there are various sources available for this. If you are involved into affiliate marketing, you have must heard about the term Google Adsense. It is a best affiliate program through which you can monetize your website or blog by publishing contingent ads to earn for every click. The primary step for this is to get your website approved by Google Adsense and once you got approval, there is precisely no work to be done. But is has become difficult to get a site approved as Google only allows quality sites along with quality content into its program. Here are some of the tips on how to get your site approved for Adsense in an easy way.

The terms and service of Google has been made stricter and follows an exacting method to closely review all the applications. The most important consideration by Google is to have content on your website, even if the visitors are few for now. In other words, if your website has good content, good appearance and traffic, they you will not face approval problems. Let’s begin with imperative points to know while applying for Google Adsense.

1.Privacy Tactics

To ensure Google that you are not scam and are serious with blogging business, privacy policies are important to add. It will provide an idea to the users what your blog is about and what information they will get here. Make a particular page and add your private policies to represent that you have concern for your visitors.

2.Contact Us

It is also an imperative page to include before your process of applying for Adsense approval. Add your contact details like contact number, social media links, address, email address and the entire necessary one. This page speaks for your human identity and your availability for their help. Don’t forget to add link on your index page.

3.About Us

You have to describe about yourself, services you offer, your business and future plans to build up trust for the readers. You can also add about your blog and your business history so that readers rely more on you.


The website will be carefully reviewed by Google, so make sure that it contains unique, interesting and quality content. It is recommended that it should be more than a few pages of content, so try to write at least 10-20 pages of articles for the approval. As Google is known for provide the most accurate results to the people searching in search engine, so don’t ignore the content factor at any cost. Some of the main keys points for good content are that it should be free from any kind of mistakes, lengthy, accurately highlighted with headings and bullets and smooth to understand for higher readability.

5.Name & Email Verification

When you apply for Adsense approval, Google will verify the person through these details. So to speed up the verification process, always put your name and email address in about as well as Contact pages.


Not only content, but the appearance of your blog is also a paramount factor to get approval for Adsense. Visitors automatically gets attracted to a visually appealing design website/blog, thus make sure it has fast loading design, easy to explore, simple and efficient to get great user engagement.

7.Format of Content

Make sure that the content on your site or blog do not contain inconsequential content which breach Google Adsense rules. Also, always write in the language that is supported by Adsense.

8.Unique Domain

One other crucial factor for Adsense approval is having a unique domain. With the domain, you will have your identity online as well as authority on the subject your site or blog always promulgate the articles about. Make a unique and small domain name that can easily reveal your blog niche. Before applying for approval, buy a new domain name for your blog.


Your website does not get approved if it does not have traffic on it. If your website, it is acceptable that it might not have much traffic, but you can do some work by yourself to generate some and for this, join online forums and start being part of the discussions. This will promote your website by forums which you can do with web directories as well.

10.Age of Blog

Google do not require much of age for their approval. But try to remain active on your blog and keep writing fresh and quality content at least for more than 3 months before applying for approval.

11.Webmaster Tool

Two of the most important tools, Google Webmaster and Analytics will help in providing detailed figure of the site. When you connect your site with these tools, it gives analysis detailed of site visitors, user reaction. Thus you can improve the site performance and this fastens up the approval chances.


Your website should have sitemap generated before getting approval for Adsense. Sitemap gives Google an idea about the internal pages of the site which needs to be crawled. It increases the chances of approval.

13.Do not add other ads

When you are trying to approach Google for Adsense approval, don’t use any other service network with the content on your site. Make your website or blog ad free before applying to the approval.


Make sure that your site has enough backlinks to link back to your site in process for Adsense approval. This makes a huge impact to Google and enhances the chances further.


Blogging has become very popular from the past few years and more of the people are heading towards career in this. It is though an art, but a source of income too. But to be a part of good blogging career, you should research for the best ad networks and Google Adsense is on the top at present. You need to follow the above mentioned rules carefully to get your site approved for Adsense in a fast way. If followed accordingly, you may get the approval within 1 months. Once it gets approved, you will get a huge platform for quality blogs or websites.

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