How to Get Motivated to go to the Gym

Are you the one who love that revitalized, energetic and aches-so-good you get after doing work out? After all knowing the fact that you did something healthy for your body and mind is pretty rewarding. However, if you are also the one, who probably has a hard time, getting motivated to actually go to the gym. Even though, you know that you will feel accomplished and better, putting some efforts to actually go to the gym makes it difficult. Even the task of wearing gym clothes and packing gym bag seems so hard.

There are many facts and reasons that could serve as pretty motivation for you to regularly hit the gym. Regular exercise not only help lower cholesterol, manage or prevent diabetes, depression, overweight, it can also help boost your energy, metabolism and even enhances your brain health. Despite knowing these advantages, you still may not be inspired enough to be the first to hit the gym. Here we have the best and effective ways to motivate you for working out every day without a miss.

Find a gym buddy

The biggest motivation you can get to do something comes from competition, so find a friend who won’t let you off the hook. A healthy competition developed during workout is always good for both of the partners. Hitting the snooze button is easy but if you know missing a gym session will probably affects your friendship or you will leave your friend in lurch will definitely give you a boost.

Imagine the after effects

Just imagine how you feel after a good gym session? A clear mind, endorphins, and energy boost. So before missing it just recall all the mental benefits you get after this, you will definitely get motivated and will change your mind about skipping a particular sweat session.

Keep a track

Keeping monthly track of your progress will not only inspire you to do more and more rather it will also make you able to look how far you have reached. One way to do this is just note down all the measurements of your body parts and if you are heading towards weight loss or fat loss, measure yourself again and note the difference.

Set a goal

Dragging yourself to the gym without a particular goal setting in your mind can just be a bit of slog. That’s why choosing a goal will give you the inspiration to achieve it, making you more energetic and definitive towards your work. Start with very small goals and keep on increasing them gradually to get the best results.

Share on social media

 Post your gym and workout pictures on insta, facebook, twitter and grab attention from your followers which will inspire you to do more. Also do share your progress with your friends as studies shows hat publicly sharing your progress can actually motivate you more towards achieving your goal.

Join your favorite gym

Sometimes we make compromises while choosing a gym due to various reasons that might be cost, distance or people. But that would be a greater loss for you in near future. Join the gym which you like the most forgetting about the cost and distance barriers. As it is most likely you will skip more sessions if you don’t like the environment, equipments, facilities and training they are providing.

Reward yourself

When we get something in return for doing some work, we are most motivated. Take some time to establish rewards for yourself for regularity and continuous achievements in gym. Reward yourself new nail paint for losing 2 inches in 30 days or with a mani-pedi session for hitting gym 20 days in a month.

Follow these ways and bring out the healthy you!

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