How to Increase Adsense Revenue in Best Way

Due to the popularity of the program which pays a user for the Google Ads that run on the user’s blog or website, known as Google Adsense, many of the people are heading to increase the click through rate. This strategy automatically increases the Adsense earnings in a possible way. But increasing Google Adsense earnings is a difficult task and requires a lot of attempts. The chances increase if your site is loaded with unique, quality content and have social media links as this will increase traffic and automatically works for Adsense earnings.

Adsense is not only for monetization but it is more than that. It is based on CPC network and you get paid by the clicks but not impressions. So you need to increase your Adsense click through rate to get more and more money. So what are the perfect ways to increase Adsense earnings? How can you extensively increase the potential of your website? To increase the earning, you need to work on the click through rate. When you optimize your page, it automatically increases the Adsense click through rate on a fast basis and the perfect position to place the ad is on the top or on the right hand side. If you have relevant ads on the site, you will definitely get clicks.

Here are few of the tips which can raise your income with optimization strategies which you can follow:

1.Use all ad blocks

The first simple step is to use all the ad blocks. This will not only increase the chance of clicks but also raise the ad spaces on your site advisers to provide better RPM. 3 ad blocks and link units are allowed and keep the size bigger always. Make it attractive so that people click if found as per their interest.

2.Place 2 ads in the content

Placing ads into the content gives it maximum vulnerability and place 2 ads within the content, one at the top and other in the end. You can choose any place wherever you want but make it visible so that user click it.

3.Color Scheme

It is believed that the color scheme have great impact on the site. Using blue links works best for the increase of click rate. But if you use red links instead of blue, it will work better and can exceed the popularity of blue links. Make the links red and also use the same color for the Adsense ads.

4.Scrolling Ad Block

Sometimes the ad follows when you scroll down the page. These types of Ads also enhance the CTR and the overall RPM. But it is only allowed to use on the sidebar so that your content doesn’t get neglected. You can make it sticky through WordPress plug-in which is free for WordPress users. It will definitely affect the CTR with a huge value.

5.Text & Image based Ad

Google Adsense allows you to make a selection between images based or content based ads. You can use both options as it will allow more advertisers to bid and increase the CPC. Using both can definitely affect the CPC rather than choosing single ones.

6. Shortcode creation

Create a shortcode by editing some PHP files and add it in your ads wherever you want it. This is generally used to control the position of your ad on short as well as long ads or video or heavy image posts. The steps of this are very simple and it’s awesome too.

7.Ad position

The main question for putting the ad is the location where it should be placed to get maximum clicks. The most common position is right under the first paragraph or immediate under the title. The adsense at the bottom of the webpage get rarely clicked.

8.Sidebar ads

A sidebar ad doesn’t operate well on the individual pages and need to fix. So, there is a WordPress plug-in for this to be done.

9.Quality Website

The chances of increasing the adsense earnings are to create a quality website ingrained with the high paying Adsense keywords. Your site must have a decent Adsense theme in order to get good CPC. Moreover, your site should also have good search rankings for some of the popular keywords.

10.Relevant Ads

Always try to make your ads more relevant as it will surely get more clicks. Have knowledge about the current user searches and trends and add the relevant terms into your ad. High relevant ad makes more clicks and gets more user interaction.

Making your website a fine tuned one will increase your Adsense click through rate and earnings get automatically increased. Also keep experimenting new things as doing same thing every time will not increase your Adsense click through rate very much. What more you can do? Try to expand your site by adding pages with elevating content. Quality content is the major key for search engine ranking and gives more pages for Adsense ads. Moreover, you can build other sites which will give you more pages to place ads on and generate more earnings from Adsense. Some of the other strategies include generating pages through page generators, keep focus on the site, target on your niche and don’t try to complete with the expert in terms of keywords, place vertical and small ads. Choose the ad format, amount of ads, type and size of add carefully to create a huge impact on your Adsense earnings. If you are new to Adsense business and want to make money through it, you need to get it approved by Google first. Learn the tips for getting the Google Adsense approval for your site in a fast way.

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