Huawei Mate X: The First Look at Foldable 5G Phone

The company introduced its new Huawei Mate X, the biggest foldable rival of Samsung. The new foldable 5G phone was formally announced at a pre-MWC conference in Barcelona. The company is joining the likes with Samsung and Royale in offering smart phones with folding screens. Huawei’s 5G Smartphone also claims to be the fastest folding smart phone introduced so far. It’s not the first to support the latest networking standards but Huawei’s folding phone has many compelling features that differentiate it from other folding phones.

Mate X: Display
The product offers a full-view display as it is a tablet-phone hybrid with an exterior folding display which is wrapped around the outside of the device. The phone has two OLED full-view display panels on the outer body that aids the phone to transform into an 8-inch tablet. So the hardware can be used as a phone as well as a tablet. It has an aspect ratio of 8:71 and 2480*2200 resolution results in 414 pixels per inch.

The screen works as a dual display when the Mate X tablet is closed to use as a phone. In this phone mode, the front display gives a 6.6 inch panel that takes up the entire front of the phone, providing bezel-free experience. The rear part display turns on when the phone is flipped and offers a 6.38 inch panel that gives the appearance of a normal phone with a normal screen.

Mate X: Features
The phone provides a two in one camera powered by Leica optics. The cameras are present in a size bezel so that there’s no notch to be found anywhere on the phone’s display. However the phone has the downside that when you are in tablet mode there’s no camera facing you for selfie and video calling, they both are only possible with rear display in phone mode.

Mate X: Software
The software plays a prominent part in how fast flexible products like these are. Getting the software right is not an easy task, there is a need of complete reliability for this long split screen mode. The Huawei Mate X runs Android 9 pie on top of EMUI 9.1.1. The software looks pretty good but the device may have bugs and glitches that needs to figure out.

Mate X: Specifications
The phone has 5G support with 6.6 inch front screen, 6.38 rear screens and 8 inch full view display. The phone has Leica triple camera and supports 8GB RAM and 512GB internal storage. The phone features 4500mAh dual batteries, 55W Supercharge charging, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and EMUI software. The phone is available in only one color which is interstellar blue.

The phone provide 4.6Gbps downlink speeds which is double the industry standards of 5G and is ten times what’s available in 4G at present. It offers great bandwidth as you can download 1 GB movie in just three seconds. Also, the phone offers 85% charge in just 30 minutes. It didn’t appear to have a headphone jack.

Mate X: Price
The Huawei Mate X price is set at EUR 2,299 all over the globe. The Smartphone will be available for sale in the mid of 2019. The product will be available in only one color initially. Huawei has also introduced a protection case for the Smartphone that will safeguard the phone to some extent.

The Huawei Mate X seems to be one of the best Smart phones coming in foldable design and 5G functionality. And we are going to encounter number of foldable smart phones in near future. What do you think for the same and what are your views about Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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