Importance and Benefits of Nose Breathing

Though our noses are the facial points of our appearance along with our eyes and mouth; they better define our identity too. Our nose does something more than smell and performs at least 30 functions that are all imperative supplements to the roles played by the lungs, heart and other organs. Being the most noticeable part of the face, it plays a vital role in breathing and keeping us healthy and free from various diseases.

Our body is designed to breathe from nose still many of us breathe from mouth, forgetting the fact that nose is for breathing and mouth is for feeding. Breathing from mouth offers so many health complications as nose breathing assists in dealing with the bacteria and toxins present all around us. Nose breathing offers other immense benefits too that are as follows:

1 Humidifies the air you breathe
The air that we breathe must be processed properly so as to make it suitable for our lungs. It is the nose that moisturize and humidifies the inhaled air due to the complex layered structure called turbinates. Otherwise, lungs will not tolerate the dry air and if we are keeping on breathing through our mouth it will not moisturize the inhaled air and throat will also become dry frequently.

2 Purifies the air
The inhaled air has various kinds of stuff like dust, allergens, smoke, bacteria, viruses and much more. Since the nasal tissues consists of cells with small hair like structure called cilia which trap much of the bad stuff and clean air reaches the lungs. This bad stuff is pushed into throat where it is swallowed with the help of mucus resulting in better handling of that stuff in stomach instead of lungs.

3 Regulates the Temperature of the air
Our Lungs are not able to tolerate too hot or too cold air so the temperature of the air must be regulated before reaching the lungs. Nose provides the optimum solution for regulating the air. The passage of air through nose allows the air to enter at body temperature which is much better tolerated by the tissues.

4 Protects You
Smell plays an important role in identification; it is just not for pleasure for safety also. Sometimes we need to smell toxic gases, spoiled food etc. Those who are deprived of this ability have to be extra careful for what they are going to eat so they must have some extra alarms to detect such smells. Breathing through nose stimulates the ability to smell which ultimately helps us to make more choices on what we eat, drink, move and feel about things.

5 Enhances deep breathing
While breathing through nose, the oxygen drives into the lower lobes of lungs rather it stays in upper lobes during mouth breathing which ensures participation of all the lobes. Moreover lower lobes also exercises the diaphragm located at the base of lungs making deep breathing more efficient  which is not possible during breathing through mouth because the air does not reach the lower lobes and it passes through the upper lobes without involving diaphragm. Deep breathing also helps stomach to function properly and avoid heart related diseases.

6 Increases production of nitric oxide
Nose breathing helps in enhancing the levels of nitric oxide molecule which has a very good hand in improving physiological processes in our body like expanding blood vessels for better blood flow which means more and more oxygen can reach brain, heart and other organs resulting in improving immune system also.

7 Breathing during exercise
Nasal breathing has a number of physiological advantages for our health. It is mostly controlled by your breathing habits that what benefits you are deriving from your exercise efforts which affects our endurance, energy levels and our metabolism. Oxygenation of muscles and organs is very necessary and it’s the basic requirement during exercise which is provided by nose breathing as mouth breathing is failed to provide oxygenation to tissues which results in elevating blood pressures and heart rates causing fatigue and dizziness. In spite of all above mentioned benefits nasal breathing helps in regulating the level of carbon dioxide in our body and much more. We usually take breathing for granted without knowing the optimal way of breathing and improving our health and good health is the panacea of all diseases so our nose; the most elegant and versatile organ provides us the same.

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