Is Marijuana Addictive? Benefits and Side Effects

Marijuana or what we call cannabis is a soft drug which is used by humans from several years. It is native to south & central Asia but many of the others have also been witnessed as its users including Hindus of Asia. Researches have proven that around 4-6 percent of world’s population use cannabis on an annual basis and a huge amount of this smoke or use it daily. With these rising factors, it is probably the most used illicit drug in the world. Marijuana is a drug produced from leaves, flowers, stems and seeds of either Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant. This plant also goes by the name of Indian hemp. Marijuana is the name given to those parts of this plant which is smoked. The blossom of cannabis plant is usually smoked as it has high concentration of intoxicants. Though the main chemical agent in Marijuana is a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol, however marijuana smoke contains over 400 different chemicals which includes 66 other related cannabinoids.

What makes it so addictive?

It is a common debate that whether marijuana is addictive or not, or whether the addiction is possible or not. But it is now proved that YES, marijuana is addictive. In fact, it is estimated that one out of ten people who try this drug most probably becomes addicted. But it is obvious to wonder that what makes this drug so addictive?  Addiction of this drug occurs when a person start experiencing changes in the brain or actions after its consumption. By calculating how a person behaves is the best way to determine the dependency of this drug. Once a person starts taking it on a regular basis, addiction is conspicuous. People who suffer from addiction generally smoke it on a daily basis results in interfering their daily activities.

The main chemical in marijuana that causes a feeling of high is called THC. This travels through the lungs into the brain where it binds to certain receptors resulting in high feeling. The cannabinoids act on the central nervous system through two receptors which are located throughout the central nervous system and their action activates the mediocortiocolimbic pathways in the brain. Talking about the short term effects, marijuana can cause forgetfulness, euphoria, altered perceptions, coordination issues, time and space issues, increased heart rate which converts to long term serious issues including marijuana addiction, irritability, anxiety, stress, dry mouth and most dreadful drug cravings.

How it effect human body?

Smoking marijuana is one of the best harmful ways of consuming cannabis as its smoke contains carcinogens and tar. An effective way to cut out these harmful chemicals is vaporizers. Marijuana plays physical effects on your body which makes it crucial to stop smoking it. Let’s discuss its physical effects on human body in detail.

  • Respiratory System

Similar to cigarette smoking, it also can have fairly negative effect on respiratory system. The capacity of lungs gets altered with the use of weed. You can easily observe the changes caused to respiratory organs before and after its use. You may also notice that smoking will affect your sinuses in general for e.g.  blocked nose.

  • Skin

People consuming regular marijuana does not have good skin. This is due to the poor blood circulation and lack of oxygen to rehydrate the skin. It might happen that you may look a lot older than your age which is an appalling thing to experience. The skin beneath your eyes can start becoming so dark that your eyes may feel disappearing.

  • Eyes & Teeth

We are all aware about the bloodshot eyes are an after-effect of smoking marijuana. However, what worse it can cause is itching in eyes with that drowsy look. Consequently, it affects the vision somehow. Teeth, due to the addictive use of marijuana become stained from resin and tar.

Smoking marijuana is harmful in every way for your body, skin and every part. What you can do to save this? Quit taking marijuana, what else!!

Benefits of Marijuana

After so much of negative words about this illicit drug, let’s talk about the medical benefits of marijuana. Yes, you read it right!! Marijuana has some of the listed benefits in medical field that you can enjoy if only having medical prescription. Have a look at some positives on the basis of scientific research. As a whole, the herb can help with the treatment of absent- mindedness, diseases like malaria, gout and rheumatism etc.

  • Cancer Treatment

Researches have proven that marijuana can help in fighting cancer by constraining the growth of cancer cells in body. This herb has the power to slow down the growth of tumors in lungs, breasts & brain.

  • Prevents Alzheimer

As discussed earlier, marijuana has a powerful ingredient known as THC which helps to control the Alzheimer’s disease, with the proven results of researches. THC can impede the growth of amyloid plaques as it tends to block the plaque-producing enzymes. You many get Alzheimer’s disease if your brain cells get killed by the plaques.

  • Treats Glaucoma

Marijuana can also help in treating glaucoma. It protects your eyeballs by reducing pressure to your eyes.

  • Arthritis Cure

Researchers have concluded that cannabis can help patients in getting rid of pain and swelling as a result of which patients suffering from Arthritis can get relief. THC has shown pain relieving abilities for both nociceptive and neropathic pain. Marijuana has ability to block the progression of rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Chronic Pain

Marijuana is proven effective to treat chronic pain which is a leading cause of disability. The product named cannabinoids is very effective at reliving chronic pain.

  • Mental Illness

Mental illness like depression or anxiety can also be cured by marijuana. But this doesn’t mean it is recommended to cure every kind of mental illness like bipolar disorder or psychosis.

Long story short, if more research can be made, we may come to more benefits of this herb as well. For now we can say that marijuana has positive as well as negative effects, so it should not be consumed without medical prescription.

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