Natural Ways to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Being a women, you know it, bled it, dread it and sometimes thank god that you get it- yes, monthly periods. Along with the days long bleeding, they come with the painful cramps too which become very difficult to bear sometimes. These cramps make it a loathsome experience for all the females. The entire female fraternity is in the search of the question that how to reduce or diminish the pain during periods.

It’s very common to feel uncomfortable around the abdomen, thighs and lower back during the days of menstrual cycle. The excessive pain during periods is a state referred to as dysmenorrhea. In this condition, the women just want to lie on the bed inside their room without doing any work. However, there are numerous ways to reduce or diminish excessive pain and live a normal life like rest of the days.

What Causes Menstrual Pains?

To fight the menstrual pains, you first need to know about the actual cause behind it. The uterus has to break its natural lining every month for which the muscles experience some contraction. During contraction, the blood vessels become constricted and decrease the blood flow, which is responsible for causing the pain during periods.

Prostaglandins, the hormone like substances are involved in pain and inflammation stimulates the muscle contractions, therefore, resulting in more severe cramps. In order to lessen the pains during these days you must follow these effective tips that will help you regulate the flow of blood, making the muscle contraction smooth and reducing cramps.

Though you will not feel like even moving in these days, then how can you go for exercise? But girls! It really works. Walking or any type of physical activity will really help you relieving your pain. This happens so, when you are doing any type of physical activity, you body pumps more blood which releases endorphins to counteract prostaglandins that reduces the pain.

Apply Heat
Heating is all time best way to reduce muscle cramps. Heat aids to relax the contracting muscles of uterus which cause the pain. Take a hot water bottle or a heating pad and keep it on your abdomen to feel more relaxed.

Drink Tea
Drinking chamomile or raspberry tea will help you get rid of the menstrual cramps pain from which you suffer every month. Raspberry is considered to be the gentle uterine tonic that helps in decreasing the pain caused due to cramps.

Have an Orgasm
Definitely! Orgasm helps to relieve the pain during your periods. At the moment of climax, the blood flow in uterus increases that reduce the pain. During orgasm, our body releases endorphins which are the happy hormones that help us feel better instantly. They also assist in relaxing our body and make us sleep more peacefully.

Get Enough Vitamin D
Prevention is always better than cure. Incorporating a well balanced diet of vitamin D into your body will help you relieve from the pain of menstrual cramps. Studies suggested that high doses of vitamin D help in lessening the menstrual cramps.

Massage Your Body
Massage is always a wonderful solution for many body pains. Yes! It will in this condition too. Massaging your abdomen and lower back will help relax your muscles. Either do it by yourself or ask your beau to lend a helping hand. Better take an essential oil and massage in gentle, circular motions across abdomen and back to get relaxed.

Next time don’t get a leave during the day of heavy pain, just go following these ways to make your special days extra special and be a bae!


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