Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Cold and Cough

Cold & cough is a common problem that usually goes hand in hand. Both are very common and affect every human being irrespective of age or gender. It usually creates a fracas in the normal functioning for people. People with low immunity usually become a victim of these and it causes exasperation to the person.

What are the causes of this cough & cold?

Cough is a sudden violent expel of air from the lungs, a defense mechanism that keeps the throat & air passages clear of any irritant. May be dry or productive kind! Cold is also an infection of the upper respiratory tract. It is the presence of infection which causes nasal congestion or sneezing. The major causes of cough or cold are a different kind of viruses, as our body is not able to build up enough resistance to all, these occur on a common basis. It is also triggered by seasonal changes, smoke, pollution or some allergies.

While medical health care facilities still exist, there are home remedies for cold and cough available in your home. These remedies are healthy to make the body active and protect the body from getting worse.  Let’s discuss the common home remedies for cold and cough in detail.

Home Treatments for Cold & Cough

1.Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is proven highly effective in cold & cough treatment. Consuming it 2-3 times in a day can help you cure both. Good in taste, it helps in drying the drizzle nose and also evacuate apathy from respiratory expanse. As ginger is highly beneficial for health, alleviating common cold is one of the favorable assets of it.  Your recovery process from illness will also get enhanced. Using ginger for the cure is an age-old perfect natural cold remedies.

2.A Mixture of honey & lemon

Honey is considered as one of the best home remedies for cold & cough. You can make a mixture of honey with water, lemon or cinnamon which prove as a medicine for your cold & cough infection. How you can make the syrup – mix honey with few drops of lemon and a small amount of cinnamon. The thick syrup can be taken for cough treatment. You can also mix honey with warm water to give considerable relief to the throat.

3.Lukewarm Water

When you dealing with cold & cough, make habit of drinking lukewarm water! Being popular natural cold remedies, the use of warm water is effective for cold & clearing infections. This will give you a warm & soothing effect. You can do frequent gargling of the throat by adding common salt in it which helps in reducing soreness. The use of lukewarm water with lime juice, basil leaves, and honey is also a home treatment for cold & cough.

4.Milk & turmeric

A common kitchen ingredient – turmeric has strong antioxidant power which is a cure for many health issues. Drink warm milk by adding a pinch of turmeric powder before going to bed. This soothes the throat and gives instant relief from cough & cold. It has antiseptic properties and acts as a perfect home remedy for cough & cold by fighting against viral infections. Milk being a rich source of calcium provides energy for a speedy recovery.

5.Spiced Tea

Various spices can be used as a home treatment for cold & cough! Use tulsi, ginger and black pepper in your tea and get amazing health benefits. Cold & cough can be instantly recovered with some of these ingredients. Your body gets enough immunity to fight against cold & cough with the rich value spices. You will be amazed to see the imperative results! Spice tea is commonly advised during cold & cough as it is a great healer.


Being a child, we used to take steam during cold & cough! It is the same influential for now as well. Not only for kids, but it is also valuable for every age. Get some hot water and inhale its hot effluvium for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process 2-3 times till the water remains hot. You can also add eucalyptus oil or hot balm to get help in calming your respiratory system. Your nasals get unlocked and you will be able to breathe freely. 

7.Honey & Hot Water

The combination of honey & hot water is an effective home remedy for cold and cough both. Honey, being a natural medicine gives relief to your sore throat, flattens your nasal surfaces and gives quick relief in a hot water mixture. Honey, lime juice & warm water are also perfect remedies. All of these have antibiotic properties and a healthy way to get rid of the problem. Use it every day in cold & cough for best results.


Flaxseeds are a great & effective remedy to cure cold & cough. Curious to know how to use them? It can be boiled for some time until gets swelled. Next is stretching it and mixing it with lime juice & honey. Consume it whenever you suffer from cold & cough to get relief. This herb has many other health benefits too along with cold & cough remedy options.

Home remedies are really important to cure cough and cold rather than artificial treatment options. The dominant reason for this is that they are very affordable. Other medication options cost you high bucks but these cost you very less, or sometimes nothing. Secondly, they have very little or no side-effects at all!  Home remedies are completely natural and most of them are available at our home. Kitchen ingredients like turmeric, honey are an easy to approach option and offers natural health supplements than artificial.

The health measures are more preventive in case of these simple and effective home remedies for cold and cough. As much as we encourage healthy living, too much exposure to medicinal drugs comes with effects that turn drastic to the system. Using home remedies is not only effective but also affordable & rewarding wonderful results without leaving any side-effects to the body!!

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