Tips to Develop Healthy Eating Habits Among Teens

In many elementary schools of Japan, mid day meals are served prepared with locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables prepared on hand which is full of nutrients and health essentials. This develops the healthy eating habits among children since their childhood. Many parents complain that their children are fond of junk food as compared to fruits and vegetables however they themselves are responsible for this. The parents should teach children to eat healthy from the early ages by making them aware about the health benefits and moderating their own behavior towards cooking and purchasing food. Because what you teach them in their childhood will affect their lifestyle in adulthood too.

Incorporating healthy eating habits among children will help them maintain a healthy weight and normal growth. Due to the involvement of more physical activities, teens require more energy which they will get from healthy food. Also, healthy mind resides in a healthy body; eating nutrition-rich diet will enhance cognitive skills of your children too. Here are some tips to be followed by parents to instinct healthy habits in their teens:

Tell Them The Importance of Every Nutrient
Proper guidance and awareness is must for your child to adapt healthy eating. Teens can easily move towards poor diet habits hence appropriate knowledge should be given about the requirements of various nutrients.

Do Not Allow Them to Eat Outside
Teens are very curious about everything, thus so they are for eating too. They often make plans and eat outside with friends, so make your meals more creative so that they run home every time they feel hungry and eat the healthy and nutritional food of home only.

Reduce All The Distractions
Switch off TV and keep mobile phones aside to make your child focus only on food. When children are more involved in TV or other gadgets they can’t figure out whether they are full or not. So let them concentrate on their eating only.

Encourage Your Children to Drink More Water
Drinking enough amount of water a day is beneficial for both adults as well as children, so encourage your children to drink more water to stay hydrated. As they play more and do physical exercises, they are likely to sweat hence they need to drink more water in order to restore the lost one. Moreover, overdrinking of sodas and sweetened drinks cause health hazards and obesity.

Do Not Punish or Reward your Child For Food
Sending your children to bed without food will cause them to worry that they have to sleep without eating enough food, moreover they will try to eat anything whenever they will get a chance. So never withhold food as a punishment for some mistakes. Similarly, never use it for rewarding your children with the foods such as chocolates, candies or sweets as children may assume that these are better than the other foods. This will make a wrong perception in their mind.

Pay Attention to Portion Size and Ingredients
Always read food labels and limit foods that contain Tran’s fat. Get to know about all the ingredients present in the eatables that you are going to purchase. Moreover, make sure to serve the correct proportion as mentioned on the label.

Try to Eat Meals Together as Family When Possible
Fix one meal a day which you eat together whether breakfast or dinner, so that the child could instill the habit of eating each and everything on the table and it also helps in developing good relationships among the family members. Make your meal times pleasant by including conversations and sharing instead of making it a time for scolding or pinning out mistakes. If they encounter unpleasant meal times they are likely to eat faster and leave the table as soon as possible. Then they may start associating eating with stress.

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