Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods That Can Slow Down Your Age Rate

Anti-aging foods actually work! Then why use chemical products to slow down your age rate when you can do it naturally without any side effects? To some, anti-aging means surgery, for example getting a facelift. But the best looking & effective anti-aging practices work from inside out. The real & natural anti-aging begins with the lifestyle & diet you follow. Natural anti aging remedies includes the simple food you eat. Your whole diet affects your presence and plays a crucial role on how well you age. Even the simple food found in your local grocery store is packed with high nutrition value for how we feel inside & out.

There are some of the hard-fast rules to look, stay & feel young. The first step on this list is to maintain a good diet by keeping the calorie intake at low level, by eating fruits & vegetables, minimizing the salt consumption, saturated fat intake and other essential food elements. Natural anti-aging products have variety of shapes, flavors, minerals, nutrients & vitamins basically known as simple foods. But what is the list of anti-aging foods one should include into their diet. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

1.Avocado: Avocado makes the top of every list. It is a healthy source of monosaturated fats & reduces bad cholesterol when eaten reasonably. What avocados are rich in is Vitamin E & prevents skin aging. Avocado also helps to get shiny hair & wear off wrinkles. It is also rich in oleic acid, omega-9 fatty acid that helps skin to preserve its moisture for softness, stoutness & its compliance.

2.Berries: Berries are believed to prevent the damage caused by free radicals as it contains anti-oxidants. All type of berries is rich in Vitamin C and also help in blood circulation. The regular blood circulation helps in fighting against the damage of cells which consequently maintain the glow of skin. Blueberries have vitamin C & E both which works together to lighten up the skin and brightens the skin tone by fighting damage from free radicals inside the body. The berries include blackberries, blackcurrant & black grapes.

3.Watermelon: Watermelon is easy to eat and many of us don’t know that this food is loaded with Lycopene. Lycopene protect the search from UV damage and thus watermelon is one of the best anti-aging foods. Watermelon mostly consists of water but the seed of watermelon contains important nutrients like selenium, essential fats, zinc & vitamin E while fight free radical and aging. Not only seeds, but even the body of watermelon is good for anti-aging food as it contains vitamin A, B, and C.

4.Pomegranates: It is a kind of medical fruit which has been used for centuries as an aid. The seeds found in pomegranate are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C that generally prevents fine lines, wrinkles & dryness. They redress free radicals and mostly middle-aged women need to take Vitamin C to great amount for dryness & wrinkles. Pomegranate also supplies anthocyanins in order to increase collagen production and ellagic acid which reduces inflammation caused by UV damage.

5.Cruciferous Vegetables: The vegetables includes cabbage, broccoli, kale, turnip, others like Brussels sprouts , radish, cauliflower and other come in the category of anti-aging products. All these vegetables help the body to fight with toxins and even help to cure cancer disease. Consumption of these vegetables into diet are highly recommended either in raw form or lightly cooked. Kale promotes healthy blood clotting, thus the blood vessels around the eyes don’t leak causing a dark shadowing effect. Moreover, Kale is rich in iron but keep it in moderation.

6.Protein rich foods: Proteins are an important anti-aging food component. What protein does is help in maintain muscle mass. Include a small amount of proteins in your meals. The protein rich foods include chicken, free range eggs, lean beef and fish. You can add variety of fatty acids including nuts & seeds for protein. Deficiency of protein can make your fingernails soft & fragile. Eggs supply a good source of biotin, vitamin B complex that metabolizes amino acids which are building blocks of protein.

7.Walnuts: Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which helps to keep hairs hydrated, vitamin E which helps to repair the damaged follicles for stronger & silky hair. Walnut is packed with copper and helps to keep your own natural color. If a person has deficiency in copper, he or she may face premature graying of hairs.

8.Fresh Fruits: Fresh fruits are the best anti-aging foods. Though we consume it on daily basis, but the main key is to replace the highly processed food that accelerates aging. Fresh fruits contain lot of anti-oxidants that conflict free radicals and internal inflammation. This type of inflammation is a constant internal state and is linked to deadly diseases. Eating enough fresh fruits can help in your fight against all of these health issues.

9.Ginger & Garlic: Both ginger & garlic are beneficial for the prevention of anti-aging. Garlic provides more benefits in addition to anti-aging such as prevention of heart diseases. Either raw or cooked, garlic is beneficial in both the cases. Older women develop high risk of colon cancer during that time. So consumption of garlic can help in preventing the threats. Talking about Ginger, it is also a classic anti-aging food. This is a root which boosts your body system specially your digestive & circulatory system. As you age, this boost is crucial to remain healthy and also helps in arthritis relief.

10.Nuts: Nuts provide excellent minerals and make for healthy immune & digestive systems while controlling cholesterol. With the exception of rancid nuts, all nuts are actually good for you, but in moderation. Nuts are great source of vitamin E which may help in repairing skin tissues, retain skin moisture and protect skin from damaging UV rays.

While there are lots more involved in keeping you feeling young, good health starts from the inside out. This anti-aging foods list puts you on a head start and should be followed religiously. Following this anti-aging food consistently in your diet, you will be surely stay young for as long as possible!

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