Top 10 Highest Paid Bloggers 2019

Bloggers in today’s era are making huge amounts of money. It was never assumed that blogging can let a person earn money. But with the advancement in the marketing era, it has become a great source of income. The income statistics of some of the highest-paid bloggers are appalling which forces you to take blogging business a serious deal. These numbers are capable of giving you the impulse of becoming the next blogger.

Have a look at some of the most popular bloggers who have made big in 2019!

1.Arriana Huffington

Income: $41,660,000 per month 


She is the initiator of the Huffington Post blog. It is started in 2005 and broadly covers the topics related to life & politics. With passing time, it has gained the title of the world’s most successful blog with earning more than $1 billion. The main source of income of the blog is the sponsored endorsement through banners.

2.Yaro Starak

Income: $40,000+ per month


He runs the entrepreneur’s journey for which he has designed a blog to help the associate entrepreneurs in online profits. From selling his own digital products to affiliate marketing & advertising, he makes his income source.  What makes him stand apart from the rest is his focus on the blog on Yaro himself. You can check the site for more!

3.Peter Rojas

Income: $3,950,000 per month


He is one of the most popular bloggers of 2019 and is the founder of Engadget. Started in 2004, his blog publishes various articles on gaming, entertainment, accessory, events, etc. In addition to this, you will also find reviews on consumer electronics technology products. Direct advertising is the main income source of his blog.

4.Abby Lawson

Income: $41,000+ per month


Making his name in the list of highest-paid bloggers 2019, he makes a part of his income from affiliate marketing & promotion of products, while others are from their own products & services. The blog he runs is a trendy lifestyle, organization & productive one. The major focus is on lifestyle and he tries to make his blog cultivating as well as engaging.

5.Darren Rowse

Income: $40,000+ per month


One of the most popular blogs, ProBlogger is run by him. You can learn the art of blogging through his blog. Apart from advertising, he also sells a course on building blogs & run a conference as well. This is the main income source of him and he always represents a polished authority style of the blogs as he believes the look and feel of the website are more trustworthy.

6.Rand Fishkin

Income: $3,740,000 per month


Moz holds a strong place in the Search Engine Optimization world. Started in 1998, it is still helping many bloggers by providing useful marketing articles for their blog’s performance growth. Moz being used widely in the marketing world today leads to making him earning a huge amount of money as compared to other bloggers.

7.Ryan Robinson

Income: $50,000+ per month


Having a blog in the personal finance niche, this one of the popular personal bloggers explains about making money online. The income source is from affiliate earnings & sale of his online course. His positive factor which makes him so popular is the focus on a few of his master things rather than all trades. Checkout his blog now!

8.Rosemarie Groner

Income: $86,000+ per month


The blog she runs has all mom-related posts like money, dinner ideas, budgets, and many other things. How she remarks her name in popular personal bloggers list is with a deep perceptive of her audience and her behavior towards them. Her income is being partially from many sources including sponsored content, affiliates, ads & her own products.  

9.Brian Clark

Income: $2,750,000 per month


Are you aware that Copyblogger is one of the best content marketing advice provider blog of all time? This was endowed by him back in 2006 and now has become much popular in the field of content marketing. Initiated with very low investment, the current income of him from his blog is more than $1,000,000. So, if you seeking help in the same niche, have a visit to his blog! 

10.Melyssa Griffin

Income: $200,000+ per month


Prior to a teacher, then she turned into a blogger. The main income source of her is by selling her own courses as well as high priced courses of other people. Along with this, she also works on podcasts. She acts very fast and launches her products to her email on a frequent basis. You can sign up for her email today and get details!

The Final Verdict:  

From the above information about the list of bloggers, it can be seen clearly that all of them earn a huge income from direct advertisements. The blog they run provides a variety of niche related articles to their audience & visitors. To successfully accomplish this, they take care of the needs of the audience, work to make their blog engaging and productive at the same time, providing useful information on the blog site so that user always get satisfied and returns every next time. This, in turn, works as a huge income source from their blogs and ultimately making them rank in the list of highest-paid bloggers of 2019.

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