Want to Do Healthy Travel? You Need to Read This!

Travel is a glorious part of life. It’s the time you get to experience new cultures, explore new sites, make new friends, and see how the rest of the world lives is one of the most incomparable blessings you’ll ever have. We all know that travelling is a valuable learning experience.

Travelling for business or pleasure can easily interfere with your health and fitness regime. When you’re travelling, you are always on the go, the reason why it can be detrimental and stressful. Here are effective travel tips that will keep you in the best health both in transit and once you arrive at your destination.

#1 Research About the Place

When you are travelling to a foreign country, it’s crucial that you do your research and identify the risks before you go. You may want to see if there are any contagious diseases that can be easily transmitted through mosquitoes, waters, or unsanitary conditions. Check their climate, is there a risk of heatstroke or sunburn? Will you be flying into a tall elevation creating a risk of altitude sickness? Would you be affected by hypothermia if you are going to travel to the cold? Are there any poisonous animals you need to keep an eye out for and if you come into contact with them, how are you going to protect yourself? 

These are the questions you need to ask yourself about travel health before travelling. You may check for warning and advisories with the country’s government website, visit the tourism board of the country you are visiting. You may check out some blogs or even social media for up to date information.

A great tip is to ask your favourite travel blogger a question about the country you are visiting on Twitter or Facebook, commonly gets a response.

#2 Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System

To boost your immune system, you may want to eat more healthy foods. You may carry supplements in your backpack for times when you are travelling fast and hard. Healthy snacks are very important. Dried cherries are an organic source of melatonin for jet lag promoting healthy sleep. If your body can properly rest, it can combat sickness and disease better.

Cherries also help with inflammation, easing muscle pain, and recovery, plus the contain natural antioxidants. Increasing your immune system is the answer to suspicious food. Pack some dried cherries in your carry on bag and use it as healthy snacks on flights and pack concentrated cherry juice in your checked luggage.

#3 Vaccines and Medications

If you want to maintain a healthy travel lifestyle when heading abroad is to determine what vaccines will protect you from the disease. Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Cholera, and Traveller’s Diarrhea are all the top vaccines for any travel to South America or Asia.

We highly suggest that you visit a travel medical clinic before your trip, your doctor will be able to give you the proper injections and prescribe the medicine that you will need in case of an emergency. Malaria medication, antibiotics and medicated creams are very important to have on hand. It’s recommended to visit a couple of months in advance, some vaccines necessitate multiple injections and you will have to go back more than once. 

#4 Small First Aid Kit

When it comes to medicines, it’s a must to carry a first aid kit for general emergencies. It’s going to be the front of the line tool for keeping a healthy travel lifestyle. For instance, if you have sprained your ankle, then Ibuprofen and a great tensor bandage will help you out. 

However, don’t go overboard and bring everything for every situation with you, but have staple items such as anti-diarrheal medication, antihistamine, anti-motion sickness medication, laxatives, pain relievers, antacid, antibacterial ointment, hand sanitizer, band-aids, aloe gel for sunburns, moleskin for blisters, and oral rehydration salts to assist in recovering from vomiting or dehydration.

#5 Water and More Water

Make sure that you stay hydrated. If it’s hot, the tendency is for you to lose a lot of water from sweat and you may not even notice that you are dehydrated. It can cause heat stroke and get severe. Plus, watch out not to over-hydrate. Furthermore, when it comes to dehydration be careful when it comes to water. Most of us get a little lazy when travelling and start requesting for ice in our drinks. Never do it unless you are entirely sure.

#6 Sleep! 

The biggest thing you can do while you’re travelling is to sleep. Your body needs rest when you’re physically travelling, crossing time zones, carrying luggage to and from destinations, walking all day, and onwards. Travelling can be pretty harsh on your body so make sure you get a lot of rest. Listen to your body. After a long walk, you may sleep for a few hours and allow your body to rest before the next one. 

#7 Stride Yourself

Stride Yourself

Avoid seeing the entire city all in one day. If you’re thinking of doing a lot in a huge city, consider staying longer to slow down your pace and spread your itinerary. You need to get to know the area more instead of just being proud to others that you’ve already been there. Try to be active and roam the streets, however, don’t overdo it. Have some enough breaks in between.

#8 Wet Naps and Hand Sanitizer

This is a smart move if there is no water and soap available, which can absolutely happen when travelling. Just imagine all day that you’re walking and coming into contact with people, things, doors, and the last thing you can do is to eat with dirty hands. You may avoid the spread of germs and bacteria by cleaning your hands, particularly before and after a meal.  

#9 Avoid Alcohol and Sweet Drinks

Non-alcoholic sweet drinks and alcoholic drinks are packed with calories. Just maintain your calorie count and sugar intake lower by drinking water instead. Plus, alcohol disrupts your sleep. You don’t want to feel ill halfway through the flight and when you arrive at your destination. Instead, drink lots of water or juice to stay hydrated. Avoid coffee, tea, and soft drinks as much as you can. You will see that you won’t be a train wreck anymore when travelling.

#10 Inhale Fresh Breeze

If the hotel accommodation you plan to stay in offers a beachside view or retreat, then it’s the perfect time to do breath breathing exercises anywhere and anytime. Just go outside, feel the fresh air, sunlight, and walk around. You’ll feel better, much better!

#11 Take Your Vitamins

Take Your Vitamins

It’s not that easy to eat a healthy balanced meal with all the essential vitamins when travelling so take your daily multi-vitamins to supplement your meals.

We want you to enjoy your escapade, so you need to stay healthy! If we missed out some tips, then please feel free to share your own knowledge below.

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