Warm and Delicious Dishes That Will Keep You Warm These Winters

With the February knocking our doors, chilly winds, fog, snow and rains also find their way to make a place. Well, guess what is common with all these?? It’s the comfort food buddy!! Yes! When you come back from college or work after getting wet what you all need is just food that just makes you feel warm.  It is undeniable that winters are the best seasons that keep our taste buds occupied with warm and delicious dishes. If you are the one who can’t resist warm meals in winters, then here‘s the list of some of the warm winter dishes that you will absolutely need to eat this weekend.

Soup with Croutons

Nothing fulfils your cravings better than a hot bowl of delicious soup in the chilly winters made with your favorite flavor. You may try rich tangy tomato, sweet corn, Manchao chicken or spicy hot and sour flavor coupled with buttery croutons; this would be an ultimate delight especially when you have to satisfy your early dinner cravings. 

Hot chocolate

When it’s chocolate, you need nothing else. In the cool chilly mornings when you have the desire to remain stick with your quilt, a warm cup of milk with cocoa powder or sweetened Chocó syrup will be a perfect drink enjoyed at that time of the day. Head to the cup of creamy cup of hand beaten coffee to start a day with warm in the chilly winters.

Barbecue ribs

Barbecuing has been the nation’s most popular and oldest traditions have now taken a new picture as barbecue art with its lovers and fanatics all over the country.There are so many variations in this super delicious dish that it becomes difficult to pick a one. Undoubtedly, bbq is pot full of flavors and of various types. Some people admire Memphis wet ribs and others go for North Carolina’s vinegar base and many more. It is a hot, aromatic, classic and most loved dish not only in USA rather across the globe. Bbq is a complete meal in itself for cold Sunday afternoon or a great indulgence at the dinner; it serves all purposes with its different varieties.

Tater tots

Yes, these are the American variation in the French fries on traditional spud. These grated mini-balls made of potato are cylindrical in shape and fried with a crispy exterior are the most delicious when served hot with ketchup. The soothing aroma and the crispy layers when melt in the mouth definitely something that bring out a lot of passion.

Eggetarian’s delight

It’s almost impossible for anyone to resist eggs in the winters. Whether it is a weekend-brunch or late night meal the wide varieties of dishes made from eggs are the easiest to cook and give you a healthier treat. The hot served boiled eggs or hot omelet with spicy chutney just creates is just heavenly. You can cook your eggs hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, poached, over hard over medium and in many more ways to satisfy your taste buds.

Cheesy pasta

Pasta has now become everyone’s all time favorite and nothing provides more comfort than the hot serve pasta both in terms of cooking and eating. Moreover, an addition of cheese in the hot pan of macroni is just like a match made in heaven. Pasta cooked with your own choice of toppings and spices will definitely awakes the hidden hunger monster inside you.

Chocolate lava cake

For chocolate lovers, there’s nothing as much pleasurable as chocolate, chocolate and chocolate especially if it is lusciously melting chocolate coming out from a soft sponge. A mere dive in the middle of the chocolate lava cake is enough to make you jump in the delight.


Spicy moms have now became the most liked and sought-after street food. When you are going somewhere in chilly windows and your appetite forces you to eat something then momos act as the best option. The ultimate pleasure you get in eating those softly moulded wheat-flour dumplings stuffed with vegetables or chicken into the chilly chutney really takes you to heaven.

Enjoy cooking and eating these warm foods and give a refreshing and delicious experience to your taste buds these winters.

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