What are the Cheap Places to Visit in Schengen Countries?

There are some things which you need to do once in a lifetime. And there are some things you don’t even dare to forget. These places offer you both! We are sure these amazing places will force you to pack your bags right now! So go and explore these fabulous places with friends, family, BFF or Cool romantic partner!

Warsaw Market Square 
It is the one of the most visited places in Warsaw. The designs of buildings on the road are inspired from medieval architecture and give them a stunning look. This place is perfect for summer and winter sports and for festivals too. It offers a wide range of regional foods and drinks.

Primate’s Palace
It’s an 18th century palace that is constructed in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. It is one of the most wonderful buildings in Slovakia known for its marvelous exterior. Nowadays Primate’s Palace has become a town hall and this is the best starting point to begin your visit while moving to other famous parts of Bratislava, Schengen.

Piazza Vittorio – Rome
It is capital of Italy and a city with stupendous historical heritage. It is the biggest square in Rome and it can be visited at any time of the year as it always looks fabulous. From Piazza Vittorio Square, you can visit numerous restaurants and famous stores. During winter this place has ice ring, which offers a remarkable family and romantic visit.

Eiffel Tower
Don’t try to be the last to visit Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It is the main landscape and renowned as love icon. The Eiffel Tower has three levels, with shops, bars, restaurants and the most amazing is viewpoint of city from its top. It is open every day for visit, and it will surely amaze you with the shows prepared for visitors the view it offers at night with lights.

LA Rambla
The outstanding street, approximately 1 km long and is known as the Heart of Barcelona. It is perfect to know Barcelona with a long walk; this street has shops, restaurants, street artists, cafes, and best architecture. So, roam on the street, have some shopping and also taste the delicious meals on LA Rambla Street.

Buda Castle 
The Buda Castle is known for its marvelous museums, shops, restaurant, and bars and of course for its rich history. Buda Castle’s top is the best place for the view of a historical city.Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is a famous landmark too. It is divided by the famous river Danube.  You will get to see major part of the city with the river and the famous parliament long with enjoying delicious meals.

Museum Island, Berlin
The best thing about this is that five museums make a single museum. It is the capital and the largest city of the Germany, Berlin. It originated in 13th century. The Museum is the World’s biggest Universal museum, embark a journey here and immerse yourself in cultures long gone.

Eisriesenwelt, Salzburg 
Eisriesenwelt, Salzburg is world’s largest ice cave, placed in beautiful Alps of Austria. It is open from May to October and is more than 40 km long. It has amazing natural ice sculptures and formations which will surely captivate your heart.

Amsterdam Roest
It is one spot for all like for bar, market and beach. Everything is available in Amsterdam Roest and this place is also known as non – official capital of Netherlands. It is a marketplace located in the heart of Amsterdam with numerous beach bars. Open throughout the year, it is a perfect place to feel the lovely rhythm of Amsterdam.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle is the official seat of the Czech Republic President well known as historical capital due to its various cultural charms. Known for best beer in the world, this city is the largest in the world. Prague Castle opens from April to October.

You can apply for Schengen visa and make the best of your time and visit these remarkable places. We wish you all the very best.

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