What are the different types of Meditation?

Today, everyone is running a rat race behind money. There is hardly any person who sleeps sound without taking a pill. Due to the ever increasing technology advancements people are getting more addicted to them as a result inviting more health problems both physical and mental. To achieve sound health and physique, one must exercise regularly and improve mental well being. People struggle more often to have peace and mental-wellness. Nowadays, people have money but they don’t have tranquility and this is the treasure not everyone gets.

People often go to various places far from their homes and workplaces in search of peace. They spend huge amounts to sleep without stress and worries. But the softest mattresses, luxury rooms, marvelous hotels which cost millions cannot provide them the real inner happiness which meditation can give.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is one such successful method that reduces stress and provides peace. It is the most vital instrument used to harness the power of thought, cultivate more peace, vision and happiness. Meditation is an uncomplicated way to connect with your spiritual self; manage stress and create a balanced and peaceful way of living. Moreover, meditation provides you the ways to build your self confidence and increase productivity. It is the best way to develop an ultimate connection with the deeper, core part of you.

Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply and focusing completely on mind for a certain period of time. It has been done for numerous purposes from spiritual to religious ones however through scientific evidences it has become a helpful tool in fighting chronic diseases, illness and depression. There are various types and techniques to do meditation; here is the list of different types of meditation for your new journey.

Mindfulness Meditation
Originated from Buddhist tradition, it is essential in overcoming sufferings and understanding natural wisdom. Mindfulness meditation is being completely present with your thoughts. Being mindful means being aware of our presence, our tasks, and not been overly reactive to what’s happening around us. This can be done anywhere anytime. Some prefer to sit at a silent place, close their eyes and focus on their breathing. Some perform this while doing work or travelling. It’s just observing your thoughts and let them pass away without actually judging them.

Transcendental Meditation
This is the simple technique in which a personally assigned manta that might also be called as Guru Mantra, which can be a word, sound or small phrase which is to be repeated in significant manner. It is practiced 30 minutes twice a day by sitting silently in a calm place.

The idea is that this state will allow you to concentrate and to settle in a remarkable state of relaxation and rest, providing you inner peace and happiness.

Guided Meditation
Guided meditation is typically led by a guide and hence called to be as guided. In this technique, it is often suggested to use as many senses as possible such as smell, sound, textures to bring out calmness in your peaceful space.

This is also known as guided imagery or visualization, the method of meditation in which one form pictures or situations in mind that they find relaxing.

Chakra Meditation
Chakra refers to the centers of energy and spiritual power in the body. There are perceived to be seven chakras in our body, each located in different parts has a different color.

Chakra meditation constitutes various relaxation techniques that focused on bringing balance and well-being to the chakras. This increases the concentration and provides relaxation to the body, mind and soul.

Yoga Meditation
Yoga has been known for several years. Yoga involves performing a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises meant to promote flexibility and calm the mind.

Yoga along with meditation is proved to be the best way to concentrate on you noticing each and every moment of all the body parts. The poses require balance and concentration, where practitioners are encouraged to focus only on the moment.

Try doing any of the above breath meditation techniques in morning or evening. Be consistent and productive and experience tremendous changes in your lifestyle.

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