What Are The Important Things In A Relationship Other Than Love?

There is nothing more delightful than falling in love or simply finding the perfect partner for your life. How alluring is that! Imagine everything is going factual unless you start observing the changes in your partner. You are no longer happy like early times now.  There are so many things people make efforts of building a healthy relationship with their partner. But sometimes the tiny changes can lead to make the biggest difference in a relationship.

Now it is a great misconception that love is the only important thing in a relationship. Indeed it is! But not the solo one. There are many other factors that play a crucial part other than love. The other values have same emphasis as love and we need to deal with that also while in a relationship. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.


The main element for the success of a healthy relationship is trust. Absence of trust can lead to failure of a healthy relationship. Trust is the most significant factor in a relationship. How can you live with the person you don’t trust? In simple words, if you can’t trust the person, you can’t be in any kind of relationship with him/her. Trust is something which gets sharpened with time and without it you will always be in the feeling of insecurity in a relation. When such situation occurs between the partners that they feel lack of trust between them, there needs to be work done soon. If you want to have a healthy relationship, trust should be your ambition!

2.Honesty/ Loyalty

When you are in love, the relationship demands faithfulness between you two. Being loyal in a relationship is a must key factor if you want to avoid conflicts. Frequent lies or false hopes can only lead to grind in the end. Even love would not be able to shield you at that stage! When you are honest with your partner, you both have good communication which is also a great factor responsible for healthy relationship. Do not try to hide your feelings and actions from your partner, whether it is good or bad. When you both keep sharing your feelings with each other, the bond grows strong with time and you will never face clashes in your relationship.


It is okay to think that love is important but always keep in mind that it is not vindication for any kind of abuse or contempt, if you are facing in your relationship. Being in love, both of you should be respectful to each other. Remember give the respect which you want for yourself. Giving and taking respect helps a relationship to grow in a positive way. Respect can be shown through many actions – you should listen to your partner attentively and provide your feedback if required, take their suggestions in a positive way and try to adopt them. The major cause of relationship conflicts is when a person tries to disrespect other in any way. So give & take respect for a fruitful relationship!


Communication act as a fuel in the engine of love. A relationship is impassable without communication and love can never be long-lasting if you don’t have communication between each other. Why it is so crucial is because you need communication to express your feelings, needs & intentions. You can set your boundaries with communication, even fix problems with it. Communication simply is everything if you want to build a healthy relationship. Can you imagine any relationship without good communication? No, never! So if you lack in the communication with your partner in relationship, it does not matter how much love is there but the relationship will surely dismantle in the end. Make strong roots of relationship with good communication!


Happiness in a relationship is important and obviously everybody wants to be too. But as we all are aware that relationship is not always blooming and you may sometime face dilemma in it. Despite of this phase, you would definitely have good times too. So if you are capable of dominating your good moments instead of rough ones, consider yourself lucky. But if not, no love can heal the conflicts of relationship. Having only love without being happy in a relationship is of no worth. Feeling joyful all the time is not necessity but at least you should have satisfaction in your relationship. It is a myth that people who love each other are meant to be happy in life. Issues can come in any relationship and if you are able to cope with it, leave the person and relation both.

Apart from this there are many other factors which affect a relationship in some manner. One should be capable of compromise; he or she should feel safe in a relationship, one should never put their identity for the other person. Moreover, liking can be sometimes misconception as love. You don’t have to be in a relationship with a person who doesn’t seem fit to your perspective, who doesn’t get you at all, who doesn’t make you feel amused. You have to be free to do the things you want to in a relationship. This is the perfect meaning of a relationship!

Some of the couples face the issue of love in terms of wanting to be together. It is alright if you love someone, but what if you do not want to live with them now or in future? People nowadays fear of making commitments as they have different visions towards life. So if you are not ready to commit, then don’t! Each and every word of you matters when you are in a relationship. Only love will take you nowhere if you mentally not prepared for that. Though all the relationships are different and you are able to solve the conflicts too, but love is and will not be the only additive to make it a success run!

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