What is Artificial Intelligence

So with the flow of time, many advancements have been made regarding the information technology with the aim of making life easy and to reduce the complexity of a task. This advancement has introduced a whole new concept known as Artificial Intelligence.  

We all know that Siri, Google Now or Cortana are all some of the intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms. In short, they help us to find useful information when asked in our voice, relaying information from your phone or sending commands to other apps.

How do they do that? 

Well, Artificial Intelligence is the term linked with the answer. Let’s discuss it in detail. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What does Artificial Intelligence mean? Artificial Intelligence basically refers to the proximity of science and engineering which focus on developing the machines as astute as humans. It means the imitation of human perceptive processes by machines, especially by the computer system. And basically, the process includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction. 

They are created to be fitted into place behaviors that human regard as intelligent. Due to this, the scope of artificial intelligence has increased a lot from some years. When it was first brought in, no one has ever known that it would gain this much of scope. It is all concerned with developing intelligent computer programmers. The main objective behind AI is to enable a machine to discover, analyze & figure out the problems in parallel.

Why Artificial Intelligence is required? 

Why we need artificial intelligence is due to the work pressure human is facing on a daily basis. Instead of wasting time in thinking what and how all that is to be done, let Artificial Intelligence complete the work! Integrating AI into the systems lets you purify the raw facts into useful and satisfactory information. 

 The concept of AI saves manpower and helps to create prolific results. Artificial Intelligence can do anything in a real-time world and with the different applications; it is growing with a rapid speed. It has multi-directional benefits, researchers have found new interests in it. 

“Integrating AI is must, not a need”

How it works? 

You will be curious to know how artificial intelligence works. AI uses a simple concept of the machine or supervised learning to train machines on how they need to perform certain tasks without human intercession. Machines are trained with the concept of A-B mapping. Let us consider an example to understand the working of AI.

We all use social media platform – Facebook on a regular basis. Facebook elucidate user’s interests including likes, activities etc and further resolve what all content is to be placed on his/her news feed. The longer the time you remain active on Facebook, the more and more data is being generated and stored in the warehouse. 

The systems incorporated with AI uses deep learning to get continual feedback on its algorithms as the users interact. This way the algorithms generally referred to as coding assists the Facebook or any platform to analyze the interactions of the users to determine the content to be mentioned on the news feed. 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence can help to improve human life and reduce stress by taking the burden on itself. We will further discuss the major benefits of artificial intelligence to society in detail. 

  • Insight in Marketing & Business

 Data is probably the most important raw material for the transformation of an economy to the digital one. This raw data flutter untapped, unprocessed and useless until it can be deployed for data mining. Processing of such big data can be done within no time to provide information on business insights. 

  • Fraud Detection 

 Artificial Intelligence can be deployed in the disclosure of fraud by data analysis of several deceitful behaviors. The system can trace out links and possible direction, which frauds usually to take through the application of artificial intelligence, involving Data analysis of the previous record to track, trace and aware of possible phony actions.

  • Big Data Analysis

 Decision-making, which is very vital, can be done through artificial intelligence! As the risk of errors can’t be comprehended in such cases, so in order to analyze millions of data, big data analysis is made. It helps to extract, analyze and compress raw information to assist in decision-making. 

  • Automated Systems

 The improvement of technology has always recognized and works alongside automated systems to improve work. Introduction of artificial intelligence in hotel bookings and factory machines are all speedily becoming automated with a lot of advantages to minimize waste, decrease errors and improve production. 

 Applications of Artificial Intelligence 

 Artificial Intelligence has now become widely used in many applications. Some of them are as follows.

  • Used in Healthcare: Artificial neural networks are used as clinical decision support systems for medical diagnosis. Computer-aided interpretation of medical images, heat sound analysis, design treatment plans, provide consultations, predict HIV progression, etc. 
  • Used in Education: One of the more promising innovation is the idea of a personal AI tutor or assistant for each individual student. AI tutors can help students to get extra help in the areas of needed growth. Future of AI in education has many new possibilities for students 
  • Used in Agriculture: AI advancements have shown improvements in gaining yield and to increase the research & development of growing crops. AI predicts the time for crop’s growth and thus increasing the efficiency of farming. Crop and soil monitoring, agricultural robots & predictive analysis. 
  • Transportation: Fuzzy logic controllers have been developed for automatic gearboxes in automobiles. Cars of now have AI-based driver-assist features such as self-parking and advanced cruise controls. AI has been used to optimize traffic management applications, which reduces wait times, energy use and emissions. 

AI is already present in plenty of applications, from search algorithms and tools you use every day. Artificial intelligence has many other applications in aviation, finance, marketing, military, sensors, telecommunication maintenance etc. As a summary, Artificial Intelligence which is designed and programmed in such a manner that they think and act like a human. 

With its crucial role in our present lives, the future of AI lies in merging existing techniques and methods of representing knowledge in order to make use of the strengths of each idea. In the near future, AI is set to become a big part of our lives as computers did before it and may well begin to replace people in some way.              


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