What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has created a lot of buzz from some past years and continues to go in trend. So what basically AI stands for? It specifies the area of computer science which is the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines. It aims to create intelligent machines and the activities include are learning, planning, problem solving etc.


AI is categorized in 2 forms i.e. weak and strong. Talking about weak AI, it is also referred as narrow AI and is invented for a particular task. On the other hand, strong AI, which is also termed as artificial general intelligence is a system with generalized human intellectual abilities. Moreover, strong AI is able to find solution without human interference.

Why it is important?

The importance of AI is not need to be explained. It makes it possible for machines to learn from experiences and execute human like projects.

  • The major strong point of AI is that it performs frequent, high volume computerized tasks reliably.
  • It analyzes deeper data using neural networks that consist of multiple covered layers which was almost impossible years back.
  • It achieves improbable accuracy through the deep neural networks. You can take example of Alexa interactions, Google searches which are all based on deep leaning.

Uses of AI

Talking about trends, every industry has high demand of Artificial intelligence out of which question answering systems are most common. Let’s talk about some of the main uses:

  1. Health Care – In health industry, AI applications can provide personalized medicines and can act as personal health care assistants.
  2. Sports- AI is widely used to take images of game play and also provide coaches with reports to organize the game better.
  3. Retail – It provides virtual shopping capabilities which offer personalized recommendations to user. It also helps in managing stock exchange improvements.

As a summary, the motive of AI is to provide a kind of software that can work on input and explains output. They are just like providing human-like interactions with the help of software and other supports.


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