What is CRM Software? Some of the Best CRMs for Small Businesses

CRM is one of the often heard acronyms in the business world that many of the people still don’t know the meaning and potential behind it. If you are new to the different types of software in the work place, then you must be curious about what actually CRM is. It is very crucial when it comes to organization for customer relationship management. Customers are the lifelines of any business and therefore its success or failure depends on your customer relationships. Let discuss some points about it in detail.

What is CRM software?

CRM basically stands for customer relationship management, so the software which manages a database of customer information is CRM software. These systems are very simple in general. It enables the business not only enact but also maintain long-term relationships with customers. This software consolidates customer information into a centralized database so that business users can easily access the database and manage as well. Simply, it is a list of customers with a brain!!

A well designed CRM system can take notes of customer information gathered via telephone calls, messages, emails and social media to analyze them in order to provide greater insights about your customer behavior. With such insights, you can identify prospective customers to cross-selling products. You can manage your customers with just one click and experience a remarkable improvement into your sale and marketing practices.

What it does?  

CRM software products are designed to help any company keep track on each contact with a customer. Basically, the methodologies that go along with CRM are only focused on the individual customer relationships that you will have. You will get a loyal customer based created and maintained. This helps in keeping the customer base harmonized with the way your particular organization works. CRM software helps in fixing the irregular balance in customer service. By noting everything, there is less need to only directly deal with one person. This ability to note everything also helps to make job of management easy. When the business uses customer relationship management utilities, there is ultimately winning of customer.


CRM software has many benefits for all size of business. What it offers is better communication, high revenue, improved relationship with customers, healthier pipelines and more collaboration.  This gives explanation to the confusion of why to use CRM software. Moreover, it can be used by marketing teams, sale team, and customer service and by any small to large type of business. There are some of the best CRMs available for business of small type which you can use to increase its revenue and profit.

Best CRMs for small business

With CRM software, you can manage relationship with your customers in any business. But question is which software to choose to get the best results? What are the best CRMs available especially for small business? Here is the list of few of them.



This CRM software is very easy to setup and use. Also it requires nominal customization and has AI based lead scoring, built-in phone, email, activity capture and many more. It makes it easy for business of any size to attract, manage, close and develop their needs. This is one of the best CRM software which gives everything to a business to manage & scale their sales on a simple basis. The main key features if freshsales includes two-way email sync (which ensures that sales representative never have to leave CRM to access their email inbox), workflow automation, visual sale pipeline and android/iOS apps.

2.Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

This CRM software has some of the advanced features like page layouts, Sandbox, and some advanced customization options including conditional fields, lead scoring & business process mapping. Zoho CRM is considered among the best CRM software and already has around 150,000 happy customers in list. It provides expanded multichannel support for phone, email, live chat, social media & in-person meetings which contribute to its reorganization as the most integrated system. Zoho CRM uses visitor tracking and email analytics to get details of customer’s vision and finding more opportunities.

3.Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Being one of the best CRM for small business, Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM which automate your sales, marketing & service in one platform. The benefit of this software is that it avoid data leaks and enables consistent messaging. Moreover, it makes all the Agile’s modern features, easy implementation and a great support at very affordable range. This cloud based SaaS service is mobile ready, fast and very simple to use. With this CRM software, you can explore sale features like sales, marketing, service & integrations and hop-up your sales.



Next best CRM is Pipedrive. Now what makes it best is its friendly user interface, and it helps in keeping track of important business meetings or appointments. It automatically tracks your emails, calls and progress and it lands you on single and streamlined view of your sale process. Pipedrive basically focuses your mind on pipeline & straggle deals with due activities to the top so that you can work accordingly. What make Pipedrive different is the visual indicators it provide along with consist follow ups. You can also handle your sales conversations at one place.

5.Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

This CRM helps you to organize, track & cultivate your leads & customers. Also this is a free CRM which manages your pipeline with total visibility, tracks customer interactions automatically either they are in email, social media or on a call. With this, you can see everything about a lead in one place and every interaction with any of the lead is stored in a tidy timeline including calls, emails, meetings & notes. Don’t need to go for other expensive and difficult CRMs that never get used. Instead use this lightweight and powerful free CRM with simple sign up and go process.

There are many other best CRM software each having their own specific features and can be used depending on the requirements. But the best CRM for small business should be economic and providing simple process of managing as well as tracking customers. So choose wisely and hope the above lists helps!!

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