Why Demand for Python Programming Language is Growing?

Python is a supportive OOPs language for developing efficient web and mobile applications. It’s a kind of scripting language like PHP. It is easy to understand and implementation of python functions in real-world applications is very simple compared to other programming languages.It is also used for multiple purposes ranged from application development to data science. A noteworthy point is that python is the significant part of the DevOps Toolchain. Evolving DevOps is directly increasing brand awareness ofPython and is gradually running in big embedded systems too. Accordingly, Python is also the best suitable language for the development of machine learning algorithms.

Python is one of the most reputed open source programming languages that is steadily increasing in the recent past. Approximately over half of IT developers are utilizing Python for developing diversified applications. the language with simple syntax and number of inbuild method and libraries is gaining popularity over Java, JavaScript,C, and C++ etc., languages.

Major Reasons Behind the Growth of Python in the Market:

  • Qualitative and easy to read source code reduces complexity
  • In-built libraries and simple syntax structure help developers for expressing concepts easily
  • Can develop custom applications, no need of extra coding
  • Python is Portable, hence it supports variedOS’s
  • Application development takes less time and low costs
  • Python will be used for developing even the most challenging scientific and numeric applications
  • IT application prototype will also be created using Python. Developing prototype will reduce the risks associated in developing applications
  • Python is also used for data analysis and data manipulation operations
  • Expanding Data Science
  • Python is also gaining acceptance for use in algorithmic trading
  • It consists high-performance data analysis libraries

The Most Significant Factors That Are Driving the Traffic to Python:

This high-level programming languages with simple Syntax, Dynamic semantics, clear-cut syntax format, and inbuilt libraries is gaining momentum across wide businesses. According to market research companies, Pythonthe fastest-growing major programming language, especially in well-developed economies. It is anticipated that traffic to python is going to increase than any other programming languages.

The figure below depicts the traffic forecast to python by 2020 (Completely analyzed from research reports):

As aforementioned above, Python is used for multiple drives from web application development to mobile application development to data science. However, among all other applications,  Python is growing in its use for data science. And other reasons behind its popularity are listed below-

  1. Python will be the prominent programming language chosen by a majority of Learners/students &professionals/IT developers.Professionals wish to learn the advanced concepts of Python programming for achieving better software output in quick time.On the other hand, freshers are also learning Python to grab the industrial opportunities in the desired field.Accordingly, increasing number of data science students as well as IT Professionals are deriving the incredible demand for Python.
  2. Using python for successfully accomplishing and delivering the IT project work with low latency is the second major growth driver to Python. It is using for developing various task like web application development operations as well as in data science.
  3. Comprising high-level and efficient packages is also the major growth driver to Python demand. Predominantly, “pandas” is one of the fastest growing Python packages. Since its introduction in 2011. Accordingly, NumPy, Requests,Scrapy, Matplotlib and SymPy are also few of the popular python packages.
  4. The last one but not the least is “using Python in developing machine learning techniques”. According to IT industry perspective, Python is the most popular and the best suitable language for Machine Learning (ML). No other programming language suits ML than Python. Since the recent past implementation of ML techniques is increasing to makepotential data analysis decisions. Data and data analysis play a vital role.Moreover, machine learning tools are used for identifying similar data patterns.

Biggest Conglomerates Who Earning Huge Profits Using Python

Netflix, IBM, Quora, Google, and many other IT enterprises are using this flexible and portable programming language. This language is giving intensified growth opportunities to the candidates. Despite using in a wide array of businesses applications, financial sectors are highly deploying Python and giving numerous growth prospects to developers.


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